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Forms, guidelines and practice notes

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) provides forms, guidelines and practice notes to help you progress a development proposal through the application process.


If EDQ is the MEDQ Delegate for a development application, the application must be lodged using the relevant form.

EDQ also has forms for a range of other processes under the Economic Development Act 2012, including vegetation management, compliance assessment, survey plan endorsement, currency period extension and road closure. Scroll down to see the list of forms.

Project cost estimate

Providing data for project cost estimates is a mandatory component in completing the application form.

Individual project costs will not be published, but aggregated data for a particular PDA or across all-PDAs may be referenced in reports, or communications and media materials released by the MEDQ or the department.

The project cost estimate means the total design and construct cost of the proposal or element of the project to which the application relates.

It is appropriate for project cost estimates to be based on preliminary project feasibility inputs and assumptions for the following different applications and development.

  • The cost estimate must include the cost of designing and constructing any works necessarily associated with the proposed use including, for example: building work, landscaping works, vegetation clearing, public and private asset works.

  • The cost estimate must include the cost of designing and constructing any works necessarily associated with the proposed RaL, including, for example: earthworks and civil works such as filling, excavation, roads, bridges, drainage infrastructure, open space embellishments.

    The cost estimate should not include costs associated with:

    • lots creating staging boundaries
    • management and balance lots
    • building format and volumetric format lots if the building and works were (or will be) the subject of a separate PDA development application.
  • Sometimes an MCU or RaL application is accompanied by a Plan of Development (PoD) that authorises subsequent building and operational work to be undertaken without further approval (i.e. other than compliance assessment).

    For applications accompanied by a PoD, the cost estimate for the MCU or RaL must include an estimate of the design and construction costs for the proposed, subsequent authorised works.

    For example, if a PoD accompanies a 300 lot RaL application and is intended to authorise single dwellings on each of the newly created lots, the cost estimate for the RaL application must also include an estimate for the design and construction costs of the 300 dwellings.

  • A separate estimate of the design and construction costs for operational work is only required if the cost of the work has not been (will not be) provided with an MCU or RaL PDA development application.

  • The cost estimate must detail the project cost for the existing approved development and the increase or decrease to the total project cost as a result of the proposed changes to the approval.

Development guidelines

EDQ guidelines support the development schemes and interim land use plan (ILUPS). They cover topics such as housing, development and planning. Scroll down to see the list of development guidelines.

Practice Notes

EDQ's practice notes provide advice about applying the standards and requirements expressed in development schemes, ILUPs and guidelines. Scroll down to see the list of practice notes.

Vegetation management

Permits may be required to clear or interfere with vegetation for PDAs located in Brisbane. More information about vegetation management

Certification process

The certification process is generally discussed with applicants at a pre-lodgement meeting. More information about the certification process

Download pre-lodgement meeting form (Word icon 269 KB)

Infrastructure offset form

To claim either a provisional or a final Infrastructure offset use the infrastructure offset form. Please refer to the application checklist before completing the online form.

Infrastructure charge request

To request an estimate or invoice for infrastructure charges use the:



Number Title (current version) Historical versions
1 Residential 30 (May 2015) (PDF icon 6.3 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 5.4 MB)
2 Accessible housing (May 2015) (PDF icon 1.6 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.1 MB)
3 Non-resident worker accommodation (May 2015) (PDF icon 6.9 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 4.9 MB)
4 Residential Infill in the Blackwater UDA - Blackwater residential infill guideline (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.5 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 3.1 MB)
5 Neighbourhood planning and design (May 2015) (PDF icon 1.8 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.3 MB)
6 Street and movement network (PDF icon 9.2 MB) April 2012 (superseded) (PDF icon 7 MB)
7 Low rise buildings (May 2015) (PDF icon 1.7 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.3 MB)
8 Medium and high rise buildings (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.1 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.4 MB)
9 Centres (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.0 MB) September 2013 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.3 MB)
10 Industry and business areas (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.0 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.0 MB)
11 Community facilities (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.1 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.7 MB)
12 Park planning and design (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.8 MB) November 2011 (under review) (PDF icon 486 KB)
13 Engineering standards (September 2017) (PDF icon 1.1 MB) May 2015 (superseded) (PDF icon 1.6 MB)

April 2015 (superseded) (PDF icon 1.7 MB)

March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 2.6 MB)
14 Environmental values and sustainable resource use (May 2015) (PDF icon 2.7 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 3.0 MB)
15 Protection from flood and storm tide inundation (May 2015) (PDF icon 1.8 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 1.9 MB)
16 Housing (January 2016) (PDF icon 2.3 MB) July 2012 (superseded) (PDF icon 6.1 MB)
17 Remnant vegetation and koala habitat obligations in Greater Flagstone and Yarrabilba PDAs (May 2015) (PDF icon 3.5 MB) August 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 4.3 MB)

July 2012 (superseded) (PDF icon 1.3 MB)
18 Development interfaces (May 2015) (PDF icon 5.0 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 4.6 MB)
19 Ripley Road design guideline (May 2015) (PDF icon 12.7 MB) March 2014 (superseded) (PDF icon 5.3 MB)
20 Queen's Wharf Brisbane PDA public realm and movement network planning and design guideline (May 2016) (PDF icon 4.57 MB)  

Practice notes

Last updated: 19 Dec 2023