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Queensland's Big Build

Queensland's Big Build is all go

Queensland is in the biggest decade of infrastructure delivery in our history – Queensland’s Big Build, and it’s all go!

We’re getting to work right across the state to build more hospitals, upgraded schools, more housing, better transport, and more renewable energy.

And it doesn’t stop there. Queensland’s Big Build includes projects for greater water security, fire, emergency and protective services, parks, precincts, community places, spaces and more.

Queensland is growing, and now’s the time to future proof the lifestyle we all love. With more than half of this work happening in regional areas, it means more local jobs and a bigger, better Queensland – now and for the future.

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Queensland's Big Build - Cement truck

Some disruptions today for a better tomorrow

There's a lot happening across Queensland, which means you may experience some disruption from time to time.

This can be frustrating, but what it signals is that your area is improving. This might mean, better healthcare or transport for you and your family, or more housing options in your community.

Search to find out more about the projects on the go near you.

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There are hundreds of projects being planned and delivered around the state. Check out the projects in your area:

Big Build projects

Find out more about Queensland’s Big Build and the types of infrastructure projects on the go in Queensland.

State infrastructure planning

Building a better Queensland requires a plan. Each region of the state will have its own plan to support the State Infrastructure Strategy to help prioritise regionally significant infrastructure needs. This place-based approach aligns infrastructure planning and investment with the unique priorities and future needs of each region.

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The infrastructure being planned and delivered in Queensland is derived from the Queensland Government Infrastructure Pipeline.