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Compulsory land acquisition

About compulsory land acquisition

The Coordinator-General can compulsorily acquire, or resume, land for infrastructure development.

Notice of Intention to Resume

The compulsory land acquisition process begins with the issuing of a written Notice of Intention to Resume.

Objections to land acquisition

Landowners and other parties with an interest in the land have at least 30 days to object to the proposed compulsory land acquisition, if they wish.

Application to acquire land

If, after considering any objections, the Coordinator-General decides to proceed with a compulsory land acquisition, the Coordinator-General must apply to the Minister to resume the land.

Resumption notice

If the Governor in Council approves a compulsory land acquisition, a resumption notice is published, at which time the Coordinator-General becomes the owner of the land.


After land is compulsorily acquired, any person with a legal interest in the land can lodge a written claim for compensation.

Dealing with resumed land

Once land is resumed, it can be vested either in the name of the Coordinator-General or in a local body, other state government department or a private entity.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about the compulsory land acquisition process.

Last updated: Monday, Nov 30, 2020