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Project facilitation

Laws and other mechanisms the Coordinator-General can use to facilitate the planning and delivery of infrastructure.

Works regulations

A regulation may direct a local body or the Coordinator-General to carry out works.

Programs of works

The Coordinator-General may develop a program of works for any part of Queensland to be undertaken over a set period of time. These programs of works are binding on all parties concerned.

Prescribed projects

The declaration of a 'prescribed project' suspends the jurisdiction of a local body, enabling the Coordinator-General to, if necessary, take control of government processes and decisions.

Prescribed developments

A resource project proposal can be declared a 'prescribed development'. For each prescribed development the Coordinator-General prepares an infrastructure coordination plan.

Private infrastructure facilities

Proponents are responsible for reaching agreements with owners of land and/or native title holders to progress delivery of a project. The Coordinator-General may consider using powers to compulsorily acquire the land or easements needed for an approved ‘private infrastructure facility’ on behalf of the proponent if agreement with the owners of the land and/or native title holders cannot be reached.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2023