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Prescribed developments

A proposal for the development or processing of mineral or energy resources can be declared a ‘prescribed development’.

An investigation must be carried out by the Coordinator-General to determine whether the proposal should be declared a prescribed development.

The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, approve the Coordinator-General undertaking the investigation if it appears to the Governor in Council that:

  • the proposal will be of major economic significance to Queensland, or
  • the provision of infrastructure for the proposal would place an excessive financial burden on the state or significantly affect the state's or a local body's ability to provide services or facilities.

The Coordinator-General is required to submit the findings of the investigation to the Minister.

After submission of the findings, a regulation may declare the proposed development as a prescribed development.

Development assessment

All applications made to a local body relating to a prescribed development must be referred to the Coordinator-General.

The Governor in Council shall, on the recommendation of the Minister, determine whether the application is to be assessed and decided by the Coordinator-General or the local body.

List of investigations

To date, no investigations have been requested.

List of prescribed developments

To date, no prescribed developments have been declared.

Infrastructure coordination plan

For each prescribed development, the Coordinator-General is required to prepare an infrastructure coordination plan. Each plan is prepared in consultation with:

  • Queensland Treasury
  • local bodies concerned with the prescribed development
  • other bodies and persons as the Coordinator-General sees fit.

The plan, after consideration by the Treasurer, is submitted to the Minister for approval.

The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, approve the plan.

Once approved, every local body and other person specified in the plan must comply with the requirements of the plan.

What is the Governor in Council?

'Governor in Council' means the Governor acting on the advice of the Executive Council.

For more information, read the Governor in Council and Executive Council in Queensland fact sheet.

What is a local body?

A local body may be a state government agency, local government or a government-owned corporation responsible for providing approvals, permits or authorities.

Last updated: 09 Nov 2021