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Industry support

Learn about Cyber Security

We hosted three free webinars about how to protect your business against cyberattacks. These webinars are in no-nonsense plain English and introduce what kinds of cyber security you need to protect your business. You’ll learn more about information security management and the new edition of ISO 27001, the internationally used system for keeping businesses cyber secure.

You can’t afford to ignore cyber security. Our webinar recordings can help you develop supply chain resilience in the face of cyberattacks.

You can view the webinar recordings and the supporting information sheets below:

  1. Introduction to Information Security Management
  2. Information Security Management and the new edition of ISO 27001
  3. Information Security Management: Developing your System

Supplier matching program

Are you a manufacturer or provider of goods and services and need help sourcing materials or supplies to remain operational, or to expand operations? Find out more about the department’s supplier matching support.

Worker Transition Scheme and rapid response

The Worker Transition Scheme and rapid response provides a suite of information and support services to workers who may find themselves without work as a result of business closures or redundancy programs.

Queensland Charter for Local Content

The Queensland Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurements.

Local industry involvement in major Queensland Government projects

Learn about the Queensland Government's commitment to helping local business access major project procurement opportunities to benefit Queenslanders and the broader economy.

Starting a business

The Queensland Government’s website provides useful information to help start a business in Queensland.

This includes information on: planning a business; finance essentials; business types and legal structures; licensing, registrations and legal obligations and protecting your business.

Running a business

You can also find information to help you run and grow your business on

This includes information on: finance, accounting and profit; employing staff, marketing and sales, adapting to change and much more.

It also provides a useful business health check survey to help assess your business’ strengths and areas for improvement aimed at helping your business survive and thrive.

Promoting your business

The “Why Choose Your Business” webcast series offers insights into the value of your business and how to write an effective tender response.

Last updated: 02 Dec 2022