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Apply to claim an Infrastructure Offset

Use the offset application form to claim an infrastructure offset to MEDQ, either a Provisional Infrastructure Offset or a Final Infrastructure offset, for infrastructure items that are to be or have been delivered at the following Priority Development Areas (PDA):

  • Bowen Hills PDA
  • Caloundra South PDA
  • Cross River Rail PDA - Roma St
  • Cross River Rail PDA - Boggo Road
  • Cross River Rail PDA - Woolloongabba
  • Fitzgibbon PDA
  • Greater Flagstone PDA
  • Herston Quarter PDA
  • Northshore PDA
  • Oonoonba PDA
  • Oxley PDA
  • Queens Wharf PDA
  • Ripley Valley PDA
  • Yeronga PDA
  • Yarrabilba PDA

If you want to apply for an infrastructure offset in an area that is not listed above, please contact us at

You can make a claim when you:

  • are required to provide an infrastructure contribution in accordance with conditions of a PDA development approval issued under the Act
  • request the value of that infrastructure contribution to be offset against infrastructure charges
  • that infrastructure contribution could be either trunk infrastructure (i.e. works contribution and / or land contribution), or implementation works / infrastructure.

Before completing the offset application form, please refer to offset application checklists to ensure you meet eligibility criteria and have all the required documents in place for lodgement.

This form must be completed in conjunction with the relevant EDQ infrastructure offset policies. These policies may include Infrastructure Charging Offset Plan (ICOP), Development Charges and Offset Plan (DCOP), and/or Infrastructure Funding Framework Crediting and Offset Arrangements (IFFCOA), if applicable.

How to submit your offset application form

  1. Download the offset application form ( 304.5 KB)
  2. Fill out the offset application form
  3. Save and attach to the below online form to submit.
Intro question
I confirm that I meet eligibility criteria described in the Provisional Offset and/or Final (Actual) Offset Application Checklists
Your details
Final question
I certify that I make this claim in accordance with the DCOP/ ICOP. ,' IFFCOA (as applicable) and I am entitled to make this claim*

Last updated: 09 Jun 2023