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Powering Queensland’s battery industry

$570 million strategy to supercharge a new industry for Queensland

Global economies are rapidly transforming to make way for a new era focused on electrified transport and renewable-energy generation.

As the world continues to decarbonise, the demand for battery storage is set to increase tenfold by 2030.

This shift brings with it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Queensland to become a driving force in the development, manufacture and deployment of new energy storage technologies. This will provide opportunities to accelerate industry growth and deliver the highly skilled jobs of the future.

To seize these opportunities, we have released a multi-technology Queensland Battery Industry Strategy 2024-2029 ( 3.3 MB).

The strategy highlights our critical minerals and mining expertise as well as our competitive advantages to further develop capabilities in refining, production of advanced battery materials, cell manufacture, pack assembly, installation and recycling.

The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy outlines actions that will target $570 million in investment over the next 5 years. A key action is the Australian-Made Battery Precinct in Queensland which is being delivered with the Australian Government’s investment of up to $100 million.

This project builds on the $50 million QUEST Hub project that is already underway to support battery technology innovation and commercialisation. Investments like these will ensure that we remain at the forefront of energy storage technology as we position our industry to engage with markets all over the world.

About the strategy

The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy ( 3.3 MB) is a key action of the $62 billion Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan, the Queensland Resource Industry Development Plan and the Queensland New Industry Development Strategy.

We're leading the strategy in partnership with the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

The strategy has three main themes designed to grow a sustainable and diverse battery industry:

Queensland Battery Industry themes

New and existing industry support across these three themes includes:

  • $275 million to support the industry to innovate and commercialise battery technologies, including $105 million to plan and establish the Australian Battery Industrialisation Centre in partnership with the Australian Government through a business case
  • $92.2 million to drive battery investment and supply chain growth, including an $80 million industry grant program
  • $202.5 million to position Queensland as the preferred supplier of advanced materials and batteries to domestic and international markets, including $5 million to establish Batteries Queensland, which will connect industry with relevant government agencies and support.

Benefits  to regional Queensland

Queensland’s regions will play a major role in successfully delivering the strategy, with huge dividends expected through the creation of new jobs and more economic growth and long-term prosperity.

Commercialising innovative technology that leverages our state’s mining and manufacturing expertise is key to bringing forward a pipeline of battery investment that provides opportunities for regional businesses.

We will continue to work with our partners at local and national government level and focus on building out the battery industry supply chain to ensure that we deliver jobs and benefits across regional Queensland.

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Last updated: 22 Feb 2024