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Powering Queensland’s battery industry

Developing a strategy for the battery industry in Queensland

The world’s transition to a low-carbon future is underway. Global economies are rapidly transforming to make way for a new era focused on electrified transport and renewable energy generation.

This shift brings with it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Queensland to become a driving force in the development, manufacture and deployment of new energy storage technologies—providing opportunities to accelerate industry growth and deliver the highly skilled jobs of the future.

To seize these opportunities, we’re developing a multi-technology battery strategy that builds on our critical minerals and mining expertise. It uses our competitive advantages to further develop capabilities in refining, production of advanced battery materials, cell manufacture, pack assembly, installation and recycling.

The Queensland Battery Industry Strategy will help deliver the Australian Government’s investment of up to $100 million in an Australian-Made Battery Precinct in Queensland, as well as support Queensland’s energy transition via the Queensland Government’s $62 billion Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan. We’re leading the strategy in partnership with the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

Opportunities for industry

Queensland is fast being recognised as Australia’s gateway for battery innovation. Commercialising innovative technology that leverages our state’s mining and manufacturing expertise is key to bringing forward a pipeline of battery investment that provides opportunities for regional businesses.

We’re working closely with industry stakeholders such as the Advanced Materials and Battery Council to understand Queensland’s existing battery capabilities and to identify priorities for the Queensland Battery Strategy.

Have your say

From 16th January 2023 to 31 March 2023, consultation on our Battery Industry Opportunities for Queensland discussion paper ( 2.2 MB) took place. Our consultation has now closed.

We would like to thank participants for their contributions, and for the interest into helping Queensland become a domestic leader.

The discussion paper was informed by an analysis of Queensland’s battery industry potential. It was developed with industry input and draws on international experiences to highlight key opportunities and competitive advantages for Queensland to grow its capabilities.

The paper identifies potential markets and the size of future demand that Queensland’s battery industry could target to 2030. These figures have been derived by Accenture based on their own independent analysis. Accenture’s demand forecasts differ from those identified in the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan due to the broader market opportunities identified.

The feedback from our consultation will help determine the views on the market opportunities and actions which support industry growth. This will be used to inform the development and implementation of the Queensland Battery Strategy. The Queensland Government will endeavour to continue working with industry stakeholders throughout this time.


March - July 2022

Battery Industry Scoping

June 2022

Release of the Queensland Resource Industry Development Plan (Action to develop a Battery Industry Strategy)

September 2022

Release of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan

July - November 2022

Detailed analysis of industry opportunities

Late 2022

Release of Battery Industry Opportunities for Queensland Discussion Paper

February - March 2023

Public consultation on the discussion paper

March 2023

Review of Discussion Paper feedback

March – May 2023

Drafting of the Queensland Battery Industry Strategy

Mid 2023 - Mid 2027

Release and implementation of the Queensland Battery Industry Strategy

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Last updated: 23 May 2023