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Local government

Please note:

  • The Local Government (Councillor Conduct) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 (the Bill) was passed by the Queensland Parliament on 15 November 2023. The Department is currently revising documents to align with the updated provisions of this Bill.

Local government plays an important role in community governance. As a forum for local decision-making, it helps deliver the Queensland Government's priorities locally and regionally.

  • For councils

    Information and resources for council officers to assist in developing best practice when working in council.

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  • For councillors

    Find out about your legislative requirements as a councillor and how you can best serve your community.

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  • For the community

    Learn how your local government operates to serve your community and how you can nominate for council.

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You can read more about how the Local Government Sustainability Framework supports councils

More information

So you want to be a councillor?

By becoming a councillor, or even just running for election, you can make a positive difference to your local community. Queensland’s councils need councillors and mayors that reflect the diversity of our communities.

To run for mayor or councillor at the 2024 quadrennial election or any subsequent by-election, you must complete the ‘So you want to be a Councillor’ course within six months of the nomination date, regardless of whether you are a sitting mayor or councillor, or whether you have done the course before.

The 2024 local government elections will include elections for mayors and councillors in each of Queensland’s 77 councils.

Election day will be on Saturday, 16 March 2024.

Councillor training and resources

Councils can sign up to LG Central to access resources to support local government in Queensland:

  • Best practice guidelines
  • Sample policies
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • Training opportunities
  • FAQs.