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Surat Basin Rail Project

Project overview*

EIS status Approved with conditions
Description A 210-kilometre railway in the Surat Basin that will connect the Western Railway system near Wandoan to the Moura Railway system near Banana.
Proponent Surat Basin Rail Pty Ltd, as agent for and on behalf of the Surat Basin Rail Joint Venture, comprising ATEC Dawson Valley Railway Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Australian Transport and Energy Corridor Limited), Xstrata Coal Surat Basin Rail Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of Xstrata Coal Queensland Pty Ltd) and QR Surat Basin Pty Ltd (a subsidiary of QR National Limited).
Location/s The railway line will run from just outside Wandoan (230 km north-west of Toowoomba) to just outside Banana (130 km west of Gladstone). Map
Local government/s
  • Banana Shire Council
  • Western Downs Regional Council
Key features
  • 60-metre-wide corridor (within the Surat Basin Infrastructure Corridor State Development Area), wider at passing loops; and significant cuttings and embankments
  • single narrow-gauge track
  • up to eight passing loops

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Date Activity
9 December 2010 Coordinator-General's report on EIS (PDF icon 577 KB) released.
4 March 2010 to
19 April 2010
Public consultation on supplementary report to EIS.
21 February 2009 to
23 March 2009
Public consultation on EIS.
23 June 2008 Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 430 KB) released.
12 April 2008 to
16 May 2008
Public consultation on draft terms of reference for EIS.
22 February 2008 Project not deemed a controlled action by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. More information
3 January 2008 Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
30 November 2007 Gazettal of 'significant project' declaration (PDF icon 122 KB)
19 November 2007 Application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 903 KB), submitted.

Read more about the EIS process.

Australian Government approval

Project not deemed a controlled action by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.

More information

Transport solution

The open-access railway line, often referred to as the 'Southern Missing Link', will enable thermal coal to be transported from the Surat Basin to the proposed Wiggins Island Coal Terminal at the Port of Gladstone.

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