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Alpha Coal Project

Project overview*

EIS statusApproved with conditions
DescriptionOpen-cut coal mine with an initial export capacity of 30 millions tonnes per annum (mtpa), supported by new rail and port infrastructure.
ProponentHancock Coal Pty Ltd, Hancock Alpha West Pty Ltd and Hancock Coal Infrastructure Pty Ltd (joint proponents)
  • Mine: Galilee Basin, 38 km north-west of Alpha, central Queensland
  • Rail corridor: from the mine site to the Port of Abbot Point
  • Port: Abbot Point (25 km north of Bowen)
Local government/s
  • Barcaldine Regional Council (mine)
  • Barcaldine, Isaac and Whitsunday regional councils (rail corridor to Abbot Point)
  • Whitsunday Regional Council (Port of Abbot Point)
Key features
  • 30 mtpa open-cut coal mine
  • 495 km railway
  • new port facility at Abbot Point
  • water and electricity infrastructure
  • Mine: $6.8 billion^
  • Rail: $4 billion^ #
  • Mine:
    • Up to 2,450 (construction)^
    • Up to 2,200 (operational)^
  • Rail:
    • Up to 950 (construction)^ #
    • Up to 90 (operational)^ #

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

^ The proponent has provided updated figures for investment and jobs since the Coordinator-General's report was issued on 29 May 2012.

# Figures for the rail component also include port infrastructure which was not assessed under this EIS process.

Common user infrastructure

The railway will be designed to transport, load and ship the coal produced by the Alpha and Kevin's Corner mines but will be capable of being expanded to accommodate additional users, subject to further assessment.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

23 July 2014The Coordinator-General extended the currency period for the EIS Evaluation Report from 29 May 2016 to 29 May 2018.
23 August 2012Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of 'controlled action', subject to conditions.
29 May 2012Coordinator-General's report on EIS released.
21 November 2011 to
19 December 2011
Submitter and agency consultation on addendum to supplementary EIS.
5 September 2011 to
3 October 2011
Submitter and agency consultation on supplementary EIS (SEIS).
5 November 2010 to
20 December 2010
Public consultation on EIS.
1 June 2009Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 1.78 MB) released.
7 February 2009 to
9 March 2009
Public consultation on draft terms of reference for EIS.
13 January 2009Project deemed a 'controlled action' by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. More information
11 December 2008Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
24 October 2008Gazettal of 'significant project' declaration (PDF icon 175 KB)
18 September 2008Application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 766 KB), submitted.

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