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Arrow LNG Plant project

Project overview*

EIS statusApproved with conditions
DescriptionLiquefied natural gas plant - staged construction of up to four trains producing up to 18 million tonnes per annum of LNG.
ProponentArrow CSG (Australia) Pty Ltd (formerly Shell CSG (Australia) Pty Ltd)
  • Processing plant and export terminal: Curtis Island
  • Gas pipeline: between Gladstone City Gas Gate and Curtis Island
Local government/sGladstone Regional Council
Investment$15 billion
Key features
  • LNG processing plant and export facility
  • approximately nine-kilometre feed gas pipeline
  • marine logistics facilities on Curtis Island and the mainland
  • dredging of the seabed in Port Curtis and the riverbed at the mouth of the Calliope River to provide access to the marine logistics facilities
  • 3715 (construction)
  • 450 (operational)

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

10 December 2013Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of 'controlled action', subject to conditions.
10 September 2013Coordinator-General's report on EIS (PDF icon 676 KB) released
8 February 2013 to
8 March 2013
Additional information to EIS assessed by other government agencies.
31 July 2012Request by Coordinator-General for proponent to provide additional information to EIS.
14 April 2012 to
28 May 2012
EIS public consultation.
22 January 2010Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 676 KB) released.
3 October 2009 to
2 November 2009
Draft terms of reference for EIS public consultation.
21 August 2009Project deemed a 'controlled action' by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. More information
21 July 2009Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
12 June 2009Gazettal of 'coordinated project' declaration (PDF icon 196 KB).
11 May 2009Application, including initial advice statement, submitted.

Read more about the EIS process.

Media releases

$15b Arrow LNG project given approval (10 September 2013)

Last updated: 09 Nov 2021