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Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project

Project overview*

IAR status Approved with conditions
Description A 250-megawatt pumped storage hydroelectric power generation facility – the beneficial use of the decommissioned Kidston Gold Mine’s upper and lower pits.
Proponent Genex Power Limited
Location/s Kidston, Queensland approximately 280 km north-west of Townsville. Map
Local government/s Etheridge Shire Council
Investment $330 million
Key features

The project would act as a natural battery storage, allowing energy to be stored and harnessed on demand and includes the following components:

  • an upper reservoir formed by a 20-metre-high dam around the existing Wises Pit
  • a lower reservoir utilising the existing Eldridge Pit
  • a powerhouse cavern with the capacity to generate 250 megawatts
  • a tailrace allowing water to pass from the powerhouse to the reservoirs
  • a spillway from the upper reservoir to the Copperfield River.
Expected completion 2022
  • 370 (construction over three and a half years)
  • 9 (operational)

IAR process

Date Activity
5 April 2019

Coordinator-General’s report on the IAR (PDF icon 2.4 MB) release.

28 March 2019

The Coordinator-General accepted the draft IAR as the final IAR. Impact assessment report (PDF icon 28 MB), submitted.

Supplementary information to the IAR (PDF icon 5.3 MB), submitted.

IAR sections, submitted:

25 March 2019 The Coordinator-General accepted the draft IAR as the final IAR. The evaluation stage has commenced.
11 January 2019 The proponent lodged a draft IAR.
28 September 2018 Gazettal (PDF icon 250 KB) of 'coordinated project' declaration.
28 September 2018 Application, including initial advice statement submitted.

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* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Last updated: Friday, Jun 7, 2019