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Ella Bay Integrated Resort

Project overview*

EIS statusApproved with conditions
DescriptionRedevelopment of a 470 ha cattle station into an integrated tourism and residential community.
ProponentSatori Resorts Ella Bay Pty Ltd
Location/s10 km north east of Innisfail. Map
Local government/sCassowary Coast Regional Council
Key features
  • 3 x resort precincts comprising 860 units and villas
  • 4 x residential precincts comprising 540 residential homes
  • village community precinct
  • research and education precinct
  • residential communal facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds
  • Ella Bay Road upgrade and new bypass road

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

18 November 2016The Coordinator-General extended the currency period for the EIS Evaluation Report from 21 November 2016 to 21 November 2018.
11 December 2012Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of controlled action, subject to conditions. More information
20 November 2012Coordinator-General's report on EIS released
12 April 2008 to
16 May 2008
Public consultation on supplementary information to EIS.
31 March 2007 to
21 May 2007
Public consultation on EIS
16 December 2005Terms of reference for EIS (PDF) released.
5 November 2005 to
5 December 2005
Public consultation on draft terms of reference for EIS.
23 September 2005Gazettal of 'significant project' declaration (PDF icon 200 KB)
4 July 2005Project deemed a controlled action by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. Project to be assessed under bilateral agreement. More information
1 June 2005Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
19 April 2005Application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 3.7 MB), submitted.

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Media releases

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Last updated: 17 Aug 2022