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Gladstone Steel Plant Project (gazetted as Gladstone Steel Making Facility)

Project overview*

EIS status 'Coordinated project' declaration cancelled by Coordinator-General
Description Integrated steel making plant - to be developed in two stages, each yielding 2.5 million tonnes per annum of steel products.
Proponent Euroa Steel Plant Project Pty Ltd
Location/s Aldoga Precinct, Gladstone State Development Area, central Queensland. Map
Local government/s Gladstone Regional Council
Investment $4.4 billion
Key features
  • integrated steel plant with an output of up to five million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of semi-finished product
  • port facilities at Fisherman's Landing for the import of raw materials and export of semi-finished steel product
  • a 17 kilometre private haul road between the steel plant and the port facilities
  • a rail loop, coal dump station and conveyance system for the delivery of bulk coal to the steel plant site
  • a co-generation power station to convert the plant's off-gases and waste heat into electricity that will be used to supply the project facility and power grid.
  • 2000 (construction)
  • 1800 (operational)

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Date Activity
21 November 2018 'Coordinated project' declaration cancelled by Coordinator-General.
16 May 2013 Additional information for the EIS requested by Coordinator-General.
12 January 2013 to
25 February 2013
EIS public consultation.
23 November 2009 Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 554 KB) released.
29 August 2009 to
12 October 2009
Draft terms of reference for EIS public consultation.
23 June 2009 Project not deemed a 'controlled action' by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. More information
3 April 2009 Gazettal of 'coordinated project' declaration (PDF icon 185 KB)
6 March 2009 Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
12 November 2008 Application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 858 KB), submitted.

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Last updated: 09 Nov 2021