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Guthalungra Aquaculture

Project overview*

EIS status Approved with conditions
Description Prawn aquaculture facility on an 800-hectare site.
Proponent MBD Energy (Pacific Reef) Pty Ltd
Location/s Near Guthalungra, adjacent to Elliot River, north Queensland. Map
Local government/s Whitsunday Regional Council
Key features
  • 259 aquaculture ponds covering 260 hectares
  • 370-megalitre seawater storage pond
  • 47-hectare discharge remediation area
  • intake and discharge water pipelines to Abbot Bay, approximately 5.5 km long
  • freshwater storage pond and water reticulation system
  • seafood processing facilities

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Date Activity
* 11 December 2015 The Coordinator-General extended the currency period for the Evaluation Report to 12 December 2016.
22 December 2011 The Coordinator-General extended the currency period for the Evaluation Report to 12 January 2014.
2 November 2011 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's notification of variation of approval conditions.
4 March 2010 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of 'controlled action', subject to conditions.
11 January 2008 Coordinator-General's EIS report released.
20 February 2007 to
19 March 2007
Public consultation on Supplementary report to the EIS. Complete Supplementary report to the EIS available at State Library of Queensland (record number: 631928)
22 October 2003 to
4 December 2003
Public consultation on EIS.
22 June 2002 Terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 315 KB) released.
15 June 2001 Gazettal of 'significant project' declaration (PDF icon 192 KB)
January 2001 Initial advice statement (PDF icon 2.9 MB) submitted.
29 January 2001 Project deemed a controlled action by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. Project to be assessed under bilateral agreement.
15 January 2001 Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment (EPBC 2001/138).

* The proponent lodged a marine parks permit in December 2011, and as a consequence, the Coordinator-General's evaluation report was current on 11 December 2015.

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Further information

For more information, visit the MBD website.

Last updated: Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020