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Grants to Local Government model elements

Grants to Local Government model


  • Governance framework
  • Governance structure
  • Roles and responsibilities of agencies and partners

Outcome focused program streams

  • Six program streams, five administering agencies

Program design

  • Improved council and stakeholder engagement
  • Support State objectives and local government needs
  • Targeted funding supporting State government priorities
  • Flexible ongoing funding responding to local government needs
  • Greater consolidation of programs to reduce duplication and overlap

Program administration

  • Streamlined and consistent
  • Application timeline aligned to councils budget cycle:
  • Greater consistency for program guidelines, forms, funding agreement, reporting, acquittals

Program evaluation and analysis

  • Evaluation of program outcomes
  • Contribute to future improvements
  • Evaluation of program administration
  • Report on findings


  • Supporting councils with grants, e.g. project planning, program guidelines, whole of life planning and costs
  • Program of ongoing education, training, and support in the areas of strategic and long-term asset planning and management to improve council capacity and capability

Data and analysis

  • Collect, collate and analyse data, including financial data, to assist with the identification of priorities and needs which in turn, can be used to inform and assist in the design of Local Government Grant Programs.


  • Development of key performance indicators to measure performance of new model
  • Local Government Grants Executive to monitor the performance of the model against the key performance indicators

Last updated: 09 Nov 2021