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Current programs

2022-24 Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP)

The 2022-24 Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program (LGGSP) is a competitive, application-based grant program available to all Queensland councils.

2021-24 Works for Queensland Program (W4Q)

W4Q is a non-competitive, allocation-based funding program that supports regional councils to undertake job-creating maintenance and minor infrastructure projects. The 2021–24 W4Q budget totals $200 million, to be delivered over three financial years.

2021-24 South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program (SEQCSP)

The SEQCSP is designed to fast-track SEQ councils’ investment in new infrastructure and community assets that create jobs and deliver economic stimulus to local communities.

The grant program provides $100 million, delivered through a mix of base allocation funding of $74 million and $26 million distributed on a competitive application basis.

2022-2023 State Government Financial Aid (SGFA)

The SGFA funding provides as a financial contribution to assist 16 Indigenous councils with meeting the cost of delivering local government services to their communities.

2022-2023 Indigenous Economic Development Grant (IEDG)

The IEDG is a Queensland Government program to help alleviate the impact of the Commonwealth governments Community Development Employment Program (CDEP) reforms of July 2009, which provides financial assistance to Indigenous councils to fund full-time equivalent positions to fill service delivery gaps that arose following the withdrawal of CDEP.

2022-2023  Revenue Replacement Program (RRP)

The RRP is part of the State Government's agreed harm reduction strategy for those Indigenous councils which divested or surrendered profitable general liquor licences.

RRP provides financial assistance to meet the ongoing costs of delivering local government services to the communities that would previously have been supplemented by the revenues raised from liquor sales.

2022–2025 Show Societies Grants Program (SSGP)

The SSGP is an allocation-based funding program assisting recognised Show Societies in Queensland to conduct annual agricultural shows.

Indigenous Councils Critical Infrastructure Program (ICCIP)

The ICCIP is a $120 million funding program that will deliver critical water, wastewater, and solid waste infrastructure to Queensland’s Indigenous councils.

2021-2024 Flying-Fox Roost Management in Queensland Program (FFRMP)

Under the FFRMP, the Department of Environment and Science is delivering $2 million in grant funding over four years to assist Queensland local governments to mitigate the impacts of flying-fox roosts on their communities and better support residents and businesses to co-exist with flying-foxes.

2022-24 Local Government Levy Ready Grant Program Round 3 (LGLRGP)

Under the 2022-24 Local Government Levy Ready Grant Program Round 3, the Department of Environment and Science is delivering a $5 million targeted competitive grant program for local government infrastructure projects at eligible landfill sites located within the levy zone.

Australian Government's Financial Assistance Grant

Please visit Queensland Local Government Grants Commission for more information.

Last updated: 25 Jan 2023