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Hydrogen Industry Development Fund

The Hydrogen Industry Development Fund was established to drive investment and accelerate development of hydrogen projects in Queensland.

We’ve allocated funding to projects featuring a variety of domestic renewable hydrogen applications, such as transport, gas-blending, off-grid storage and wastewater treatment.

Applications for the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund are currently closed.

Round 1

  • Proponent: Australian Gas Networks Limited (AGN)
    Queensland Government funding commitment of up to $2.72 million

    AGN will build a renewable hydrogen production facility and undertake a gas-blending trial of up to 10% hydrogen into the Gladstone gas distribution network.

    The blended gas will serve approximately 770 homes and businesses in Gladstone. The project will be the first in Australia to provide blended gas across a city network which includes residential, commercial and industrial customers.

    The project will provide significant research and training opportunities in the local region and serve as a proof-of-concept for further implementation of blended hydrogen gas projects across Australia.

    Australian Gas Networks has further information available on their website.

  • Proponent: Ark Energy H2 Pty Ltd
    Queensland Government funding commitment of up to $8 million

    Ark Energy will establish a renewable hydrogen production and refuelling facility at the Sun Metals refinery in Townsville. Hydrogen will be produced via electrolysis and used for a trial of up to five hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in the Sun Metals fleet as well as a variety of other applications across the refinery operations.

    The project will showcase the application of locally produced hydrogen and facilitate capacity building in the local supply chain.

    Ark Energy have also been successful in obtaining ARENA funding to support the project.

    Further information on the SunHQ project is available on Ark Energy’s website.

Round 2

  • Proponent: Emerald Coaches Pty Ltd
    Queensland Government funding commitment of up to $2.7 million

    Emerald Coaches will install a hydrogen refueller to supply fuel for a trial of two hydrogen fuel cell electric coaches on its mine transport and school bus contracted routes. The refueller will be trailer-mounted and able to be deployed at other company sites as required.

    The project will demonstrate the technical and commercial viability of transitioning Australian bus fleets to hydrogen buses.

  • Proponent: Goondiwindi Regional Council
    Queensland Government funding commitment of up to $2 million

    Goondiwindi Regional Council will co-locate a renewable hydrogen production plant at the Goondiwindi wastewater treatment plant and use wastewater to generate hydrogen and oxygen.

    A key element of the project is the use of the oxygen produced within the wastewater treatment process to increase plant efficiency and reduce operating costs. Hydrogen produced through the project will be commercially available, with a range of local opportunities for hydrogen use across the agriculture and transport sectors.

    The project will provide a high-value demonstration of the integration of hydrogen technologies into wastewater treatment plants to evaluate forecast benefits in plant performance and efficiency and the production of cost-competitive renewable hydrogen.

  • Proponent: Aurizon Operations Limited
    Queensland Government funding commitment of up to $5 million.

    Aurizon will trial four hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in its fleet with installation of a high capacity refueller at the Stuart Freight Terminal suitable for heavy vehicles.

    Hydrogen will be purchased from Ark Energy via a commercial agreement and transported from point of production to the Stuart Terminal in a hydrogen tube trailer. The four hydrogen fuel cell trucks are expected to each travel approximately 150,000 km/year.

    The project will see the rapid scale-up of hydrogen supply in North Queensland, leverage existing infrastructure and demonstrate the integration of hydrogen mobility equipment in an operational environment. The project is part of a broader portfolio of hydrogen related projects being undertaken by Aurizon aiming to reduce emissions across their operations.

Last updated: 07 Oct 2022