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Mining equipment, technology and services (METS)

Our goal is for Queensland’s globally competitive METS sector to lead the development of innovative, world-first solutions by 2027.


  • 48 METS companies through accelerator programs to secure an increase of $24 million in sales and capital investment and 25 full-time jobs
  • 104 regional companies to work with industry experts to build their capabilities
  • 5 companies to facilitate commercialisation of products and services through the $1 million Queensland METS Collaborative Project Fund (Collaborative Fund)
  • 36 businesses to export to new markets through dedicated METS Export Hubs
  • 40 METS companies to promote their business capabilities in international and interstate markets.

Our 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan ( 1.3 MB) is instrumental in accelerating the sector’s growth, focusing on collaboration and opportunities to bring innovative ideas to market. Many of these were previously delivered in partnership with METS Ignited, the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centre for METS.

The roadmap is part of the $3.34 billion Queensland Jobs Fund. By encouraging private sector investment and supporting the development of critical mining projects, we’re ensuring our resource companies and regional communities can capitalise on renewable energy opportunities.

The sector’s economic contribution is expected to surge as the world moves towards net zero emissions by 2050. The world is embracing technologies like electric vehicles, renewable energy products and low-emission power sources. We’re supporting projects that will help drive a global green energy transition.

Queensland’s METS sector contributes over $3.07 billion to our economy, including $442.5 million in exports. It currently supports 26,700 local jobs, while its products and services enable many more jobs within the resources and energy sectors.

We want to take our world-class METS expertise to new markets - locally and internationally. Queensland has a history of excellence in METS capabilities, from digital solutions and safety to technology and mine site rehabilitation. We’re working with the METS industry to help improve competitiveness, productivity and sustainability, and to improve access to national and international markets.

Collaborative business opportunities

Applications open for the Queensland METS Collaborative Project Fund

To assist METS companies to capitalise on emerging opportunities from the transformation of the resources sector, the Queensland Government will invest $2.67 million in the Queensland METS Collaborative Project Fund through Action 17 of the Queensland Resource Industry Development Plan.

The objective of the Queensland METS Collaborative Project Fund is to support METS resource companies and industry bodies, subject matter experts, researchers and government agencies, to innovate and collaborate to develop projects to address environmental and safety challenges facing the resources sector.

The fund is designed to:

  • encourage innovation and collaboration to address emerging priorities for Queensland’s METS and resources sectors being:
    • improve environmental outcomes, performance and legacy in the resources sector
    • initiate and increase the circularity of the resources sector operations and supply chains, including reprocessing of waste streams / tailings for critical minerals
    • improve emissions management and reduce emissions
    • support Queensland’s transition to renewable energy
    • improve mine site safety
  • help Queensland’s METS businesses access commercial opportunities
  • improve the competitiveness of Queensland’s METS and resources sectors.

The department will deliver the fund through a grant-assistance program. Consortium project leaders can apply for conditional matching grant assistance from $50,000 (ex GST) up to a maximum of $300,000 (ex GST).

Key dates

  • Applications open: 4 April 2024
  • Applications close: 31 May 2024
  • Applications will be advised if they have been successful by the end of August 2024.

Key information

How to apply

Apply online via the application template.

Innovation and commercialisation

Our accelerator programs equip emerging METS businesses with the right skills to commercialise ideas. The Queensland Government is investing $315,000 into the METS Accelerator programs to help METS companies to engage with resources companies by providing financial support to take a perceived risk and try a new technology. This allows businesses to get a competitive edge in the market.

The programs are designed for start-ups and scale-ups. These are companies that already have proven solutions to mining sector challenges. Mentoring from industry experts builds capability, accelerating commercial outcomes. Businesses come away with an increased ability to deliver their innovative new products and services to domestic and global markets sooner.

Supporting development for global markets

Global demand for commodities is expected to grow. This growth will provide long-term opportunities for Queensland’s METS sector. We partner with Trade and Investment Queensland to help our METS businesses go global. Queensland has rich deposits of critical minerals, like vanadium and cobalt and high-grade metallurgical coal resources, which are in high demand around the world. Queensland resources will support our trading partners’ emissions targets.

Global resource companies operating in Queensland are supported by many small and medium enterprises. These international companies give local METS businesses the chance to develop and test the market here first. This way, products and services may become part of global supply chains.

Further information

For support and general information, please contact the METS team at

Last updated: 09 Apr 2024