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Heritage and public spaces


Queen's Wharf Brisbane presents an opportunity to preserve, re-purpose and celebrate Brisbane's eleven heritage buildings and places located within the precinct.

The Integrated Resort Development will go through an independent development assessment process managed by Economic Development Queensland (EDQ), as the development sits within the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Priority Development Area (PDA).

EDQ assesses Destination Brisbane Consortium's development application against the adopted PDA development scheme and consults with the Department of Environment and Science and the Queensland Heritage Council on all significant heritage matters.

Further information

Note: The fact sheets’ details and dates are subject to change.

Frequently asked questions

  • Upgrades to Queens Gardens will not occur until approximately 2024/25 when refurbishment works commence on the Treasury Precinct’s Heritage Buildings.

  • Destination Brisbane Consortium (DBC) will be responsible for improving and maintaining the precinct's heritage buildings and places.

    During the construction phase, extensive monitoring and protection has been applied to heritage buildings within the precinct. This includes structural bracing and motion monitoring to ensure the slightest movement is detected and assessed.

    Substantial upgrade works to the Heritage Buildings are underway to preserve, repurpose and activate Brisbane’s architectural history. Furthermore, DBC will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance and operations of these historic buildings.

  • In late 2019, the riverline public realm located between 1 William Street and the Goodwill Bridge was opened for public enjoyment. It includes a new Mangrove Walk, a publicly accessible pontoon, upgraded Bicentennial Bikeway and a new Waterline Park that sits adjacent to 1 William Street.
    Mangrove Walk includes interpretative heritage and Indigenous story-telling elements that also provide an alternative path from the Botanic Gardens to Queen's Wharf Plaza and Queens Wharf Road. It features:

    • an Indigenous message trail
    • an exploratory trail with educational installations and interpretive signage
    • a series of lookouts with shaded seating nooks to enjoy the view
    • a boat-shed cafe with views up and down the Brisbane River.
  • The Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (QWB) Development Scheme puts a significant focus on heritage buildings and places. The eleven heritage buildings and places will be restored and repurposed for future generations to enjoy. The heritage aspect of the development will showcase Brisbane's history and sit proudly alongside contemporary new architecture.

    The Integrated Resort Development is independently assessed and managed by Economic Development Queensland, as the development sits within the QWB Priority Development Area (PDA).

    EDQ assesses DBC’s development application in accordance with the Economic Development Act 2012, against the QWB PDA Development Scheme, the QWB PDA public realm and movement network planning and design guideline and any other relevant documents and guidelines called up in the development scheme. EDQ consults with the Department of Environment and Science, and the Queensland Heritage Council on all significant heritage matters through the process.

Last updated: 22 Jun 2022