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Plan of Development

A Plan of Development (PoD) typically accompanies an application for a Material Change of Use and deals with any proposed use, and any associated Building Work or Operational Work. A PoD is prepared by an applicant and may include maps, graphics and text that collectively demonstrate how proposed uses and works will contribute towards the achievement of the Priority Development Area (PDA) vision which is stated in the Queen's Wharf Brisbane PDA development scheme.

A PoD is required to be consistent with the relevant PDA vision, structural elements and relevant PDA-wide criteria, and indicates the location and function of temporary and permanent uses and structures and how these uses and structures will relate to each other. A PoD also demonstrates impacts and connections to areas adjoining the subject land.

DBC submitted its Plan of Development (PoD) for Queen's Wharf Brisbane to Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) on 30 May 2017.

For further detailed information on the PoD please refer to the FAQs.

PoD Submissions

The formal submission period was undertaken for 30 business days from 6 September 2017 to 19 October 2017 and is now closed.

During the submission period, interested parties and members of the public were able to make written submissions to EDQ in response to the QWB PoD application.

EDQ had 40 business days to decide on the application from the conclusion of public notification.

On the 21 December 2017 the decision on the PoD development application was made by the MEDQ and published on the EDQ website by searching DEV2017/846

For further detailed information on the timeframes of the PoD submission please refer to the FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

  • Queen's Wharf Brisbane (QWB) was declared a Priority Development Area (PDA) by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ) on 28 November 2014.

    Declaring a PDA facilitates the planning and delivery of the QWB Integrated Resort Development (IRD) and establishes the necessary policy environment to support the intended development outcome for the site.

    Public notification of the proposed development scheme for the Queen's Wharf Brisbane PDA was held from 7 August 2015 to 21 September 2015 (the submission period). During the submission period all interested parties including the community, residents, and business operators were invited to view Economic Development Queensland's proposed development scheme and make a written submission for consideration by the Minister for Economic Development Queensland (MEDQ).

    On 28 January 2016, the QWB PDA development scheme was approved by the MEDQ. The final development scheme and submissions report are available.

  • On Monday 16 November 2015 the Queensland Government reached contractual close with the Destination Brisbane Consortium (DBC), a joint venue led by The Star Entertainment Group (formerly Echo Entertainment Group), and their Hong Kong based partners Far East Consortium (Australia) and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises—to deliver the $3.6 billion QWB IRD.

    As part of the development assessment process, DBC has now prepared and submitted to Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) a development application containing a PoD, which covers the majority of the QWB PDA. EDQ will undertake an assessment of the development application, required public notification of the development application and then, after consideration of submissions and all other relevant material, issue a decision on the proposal.

    The development application containing the PoD is available online.

    Where a PoD is approved, all conditions of approval must be complied with in order to carry out works or materially change uses onsite. Schedule 1 of the QWB PDA development scheme identifies that all aspects of development are exempt where consistent with an approved PoD. However some aspects of detailed design may be required to be submitted to EDQ at a later date for compliance endorsement against the conditions of approval and approved documents.

  • QWB was declared a PDA by the MEDQ on 28 November 2014. As a result, development within the PDA is administered by EDQ, and assessed through the legislative framework established under the Economic Development Act 2012.

    The development application containing the PoD will be independently assessed by EDQ in accordance with the Economic Development Act 2012, against the Queen's Wharf Brisbane PDA development scheme, the Queen's Wharf Brisbane PDA public realm and movement network planning and design guideline and any other relevant documents and guidelines called up in the development scheme.

  • On 19 April 2016, the Queensland Parliament passed the Queen's Wharf Brisbane Act 2016. This Act amended the Economic Development Act 2012 (the ED Act) to introduce the concept of PDA-associated development. These amendments came into effect on 27 May 2016.

    On 12 March 2017 the MEDQ decided to declare three areas for PDA-associated development. This allows these proposed developments to be dealt with under the ED Act in a similar way to development within the PDA. Find further information on the three declarations for Queen's Wharf Brisbane.

  • There are several stages that need to be completed by both the DBC and the state as part of the PoD application. This includes:

    • On 15 May 2017 DBC lodged the PoD application withEDQ.
    • On 30 May 2017 the PoD application was determined to be properly made by EDQ.
    • Subsequent to submission of the PoD, EDQ made a formal Information Request to DBC on 27 June 2017 seeking further information on the application in several key areas. As a result, further information was provided by DBC to EDQ on 24 August 2017.
    • On 1 September 2017 EDQ advised DBC that theMEDQ was satisfied that the Information Request had been complied with and that notice of the PDA development application must now commence.
    • A 30 business day public notification was undertaken from 6 September to 19 October 2017for the development application. (During the submission period, interested parties and members of the public were invited to make a written submission to EDO in response to the PoD application).
    • EDQ completed a review of all submissions received and considered the matters raised.
    • EDQ had 40 business days to decide the application from the conclusion of public notification.
    • On 21 December 2017, the decision for the PoD development application was made by the MEDQ and published on the EDQ website. The decision is available for viewing on the EDQ website by searching DEV2017/846.
    • DBC then received a development approval from EDQ to deliver QWB and meet Compliance Assessment requirements for each aspect of the development.
    • DBC will be required to submit to EDQ detailed traffic, environmental and other management plans and technical construction drawings before construction works commence on each element of the project.

Last updated: 03 Nov 2021