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Workshops and seminars

Webcasts and Webinars

The “Why Choose Your Business” webcast series offers insights into how to identify and demonstrate your business’ value, and how to write an effective tender response that outlines the expertise, experience, and value-add activities of your business.

The modules will help you prepare a comprehensive capability statement and submit conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts.


An introduction to the “Why Choose Your Business” webinar series, including an outline of what topics are covered in each module.

Demonstrating Your Value

Tools to help you to identify and demonstrate the value that your business offers.

Promoting Your Capability

How to formalise your value into a comprehensive and effective Capability Statement.

What is a Tender?

Explores the tendering process, the difference between procurement and purchasing, and where tender opportunities can be found.

Fine-tuning your Tender Response

Insights into how to enhance your tender response, and submit a conforming tender.

Key learnings and Being Visible

A summary of the previous modules and how to ensure your business is visible.

Business Capability Development Workshops

The department offer a series of three workshops to develop your business capability.

1. Writing an Effective Capability Statement Workshop

Help your business stand out from the crowd and improve your chance of securing contracts by attending a Queensland Government hosted capability statement workshop. These interactive workshops help businesses develop and prepare effective capability statements.

Our workshop will help you learn:

  • Why a capability statement is important
  • How to use your capability statement to market your product or service
  • How to use your capability statement to accompany contract tender submissions
  • Best-practice fundamentals for developing and drafting a powerful capability statement
  • How to access the latest information on Queensland's supply chain opportunities

2. Tendering for Business Workshop

This practical and interactive workshop will help you to prepare comprehensive and conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts, large and small.

You’ll learn how to write an effective tender response that outlines the expertise, experience, and value-add activities of your business to procurement managers who are responsible for assessing if you are the right fit for their supply chain. In the workshop, we’ll cover:

  • How to interpret tender documentation
  • How to prepare responses to key criteria
  • Understanding the importance of non-price criteria vs price
  • Common pitfalls and traps
  • Where to look for current and upcoming tendering opportunities
  • How to conduct market research to maximise your chances of success.

3. Contract Delivery Workshop

Have you just put in a tender or won a contract? After a long tender process, it’s great to win a supply contract. The next step is successful delivery of the contract. This practical and interactive workshop will help you understand:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Contract variations
  • KPIs
  • Milestone payments
  • Tips to support successful contract completion.

If you would like more information about these workshops, please email us or contact your Regional Office.

Learn about Cyber Security

We hosted three free webinars about how to protect your business against cyberattacks. These webinars are in no-nonsense plain English and introduce what kinds of cyber security you need to protect your business. You’ll learn more about information security management and the new edition of ISO 27001, the internationally used system for keeping businesses cyber secure.

You can’t afford to ignore cyber security. Our webinar recordings can help you develop supply chain resilience in the face of cyberattacks.

You can view the webinar recordings and the supporting information sheets below:

  1. Introduction to Information Security Management
  2. Information Security Management and the new edition of ISO 27001
  3. Information Security Management: Developing your System
  4. Information Security in the use of Cloud Servies

Supplying into major projects

Understand the requirements and certifications needed to join a major supply chain

Major projects and their associated supply chains comprise a significant part of the Queensland economy, totalling 73% of GDP. There are many major projects both underway and in the pipeline for our region and through this workshop and Meet the Buyer networking session you will learn about supply opportunities and what you need to strengthen your capabilities - enabling you to become ‘business ready’ to target these opportunities. By investing your time to enhance your capability and meeting major project participants, your business will benefit!

Workshop attendees will receive a detailed toolkit and meet with major project proponents to elevate your business capability.

If you would like more information about these workshops, please email us or contact your Regional Office.

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Last updated: 19 Dec 2023