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Queensland Charter for Local Content

Queensland Government procurements can deliver genuine opportunities for local businesses.

The Queensland Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurements.

The Queensland Charter for Local Content (PDF icon 883 KB) and Agency guidelines (PDF icon 1.1 MB) are designed to support government agencies to incorporate the principles of the charter into their procurement processes and procedures. Additionally, the Queensland Charter for Local Content Tenderer and grant applicant guidelines (PDF icon 837 KB) has been designed to assist managing contractors delivering projects for the Queensland Government that fall within the charter.

1. Is my procurement subject to the charter?

Do any of the following apply to your procurement?

  • total Queensland Government contribution of greater than $5 million (exclusive of GST), or greater than $2.5 million (exclusive of GST) in regional Queensland, excluding information and communications technology (ICT) products and services
  • any Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for projects and capital asset acquisitions with a Queensland Government capital value contribution of $5 million (exclusive of GST) or greater
  • determined strategically significant by the procuring government agency
  • standing offer arrangements where expenditure is projected to exceed $5 million (exclusive of GST) over the life of the arrangement
  • Queensland Government grants greater than $2.5 million (exclusive of GST)
  • large infrastructure projects where funding of over $20 million is provided by the Australian Government through the Queensland Government.

2. How do I acknowledge the charter and reporting requirements?

  1. Complete a Procurement Notification and submit to
  2. Insert an acknowledgement in the tender that this procurement is bound by the principles of the Queensland Charter for Local Content
  3. Insert local content outcomes reporting clause in tender Special Condition of Contract Clause

3. Applying the charter - is a Statement of Intent required?

Consider the Agency Guidelines on the best application option for your procurement Queensland Charter for Local Content Best Practice Guidelines - Agencies


4. Statement of Intent options

Procurement for direct goods and services. Charter applied through agency completing an Agency Statement of Intent.


Procurement for managing contractor who will be appointing sub-contractors. Charter applied through tenderers completing Tenderers Statement of Intent (refer to Queensland Charter for Local Content Guidelines – Tenderers).


5. Monitor and report

Complete the appropriate local content outcomes report and email to

Support available

The department can assist agencies meet the objectives of the charter. Available services include:

  • supply market analysis
  • business matching.

Note: ICT procurement is excluded from the Queensland Charter of Local Content. Information Standard 13 sets out the ICT SME Participation Scheme and details the local industry participation requirements for Queensland Government procurement of ICT products and services. Details can be found at

Charter, guidelines and templates

Last updated: 06 Jun 2023