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Industry support workshops

Promoting your business

The “Why Choose Your Business” webcast series offers insights into how to:

  • identify and demonstrate the value of your business
  • write an effective tender response outlining the expertise and experience of your business.

The series will help you prepare a comprehensive capability statement and submit conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts.

The series comprises six modules:

  1. Introduction – An introduction to the “Why Choose Your Business” webinar series.
  2. Demonstrating your value – Tools to help you identify and demonstrate the value your business offers.
  3. Promoting your capability – How to formalise your value into a comprehensive and effective capability statement.
  4. What is a tender? - Explores the tendering process, the difference between procurement and purchasing, and where tender opportunities can be found.
  5. Fine-tuning your tender response – Insights into how to enhance your tender response and submit a conforming tender.
  6. Key learnings and being visible – A summary of the previous modules and how to ensure your business is visible.

Find out more about other capability development programs.

Learn about Cyber Security

We hosted three free webinars about how to protect your business against cyberattacks. These webinars are in no-nonsense plain English and introduce what kinds of cyber security you need to protect your business. You’ll learn more about information security management and the new edition of ISO 27001, the internationally used system for keeping businesses cyber secure.

You can’t afford to ignore cyber security. Our webinar recordings can help you develop supply chain resilience in the face of cyberattacks.

You can view the webinar recordings and the supporting information sheets below:

  1. Introduction to Information Security Management
  2. Information Security Management and the new edition of ISO 27001
  3. Information Security Management: Developing your System
  4. Managing your Cyber Security
  5. Information Security in the use of Cloud Servies
  6. ICT Readiness for Business Continuity

Business Capability Development Workshops

The department offers a series of Business Capability Development Workshops including the following:

  1. Writing an Effective Capability Statement Workshop - Articulating your value to Customers Tendering for Business Workshop - Help you to prepare comprehensive and conforming bids to tender for government and private sector contracts
  2. Contract Delivery – Learn how to understand and successfully deliver on a contract

View our workshops and seminars for further information.

Find out more

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Growing our defence capabilities

With the growth of defence industries in Australia and internationally has come increased complexity in the skills needed to deliver modern equipment and services. We’re ensuring Queensland businesses have access to resources they need to fulfil defence contracts.

Watch our four-part video training series which helps businesses with the pathways into defence.

Part one: introduction to defence

Part two: Tendering to defence

Part three: cyber security and defence industry security programs

Part four: collaborations and partnerships

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Last updated: 19 Dec 2023