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North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy

We have led the development of the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy (NWQEDS)(PDF icon 3.7 MB) - a key action of A Strategic Blueprint for Queensland’s North West Minerals Province (the blueprint).

Following an extensive consultation process throughout June and July 2019 the strategy was released on 26 August 2019.

The strategy identifies a range of opportunities across the resources, agriculture, tourism, business and industry sectors that have the potential to support long-term sustainable growth in North West Queensland.

Also within the strategy is a suite of initiatives and actions that will be implemented over the next two years to mid-2021. These are structured around three key themes:

  • enhanced investment environment;
  • strong supply chains; and
  • sustainable communities.

The Queensland Government has prioritised $5 million in blueprint funding together with new funding of $28.3 million, that supports delivery of:

  • the first stage of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Test, Trial and Evaluation Facility and Flight Range at Cloncurry delivering on actions in the Queensland Drone Strategy and the Defence and Aerospace 10-year Roadmap and Action Plan; and
  • a New Economy Minerals Package that will accelerate exploration activities for the minerals needed in the production of renewable, medical and defence technologies. This includes the release of a prospectus showcasing New Economy Minerals Investment Opportunities in Queensland’s Minerals Provinces(PDF icon 6.4 MB).

On 19 November 2019, the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy Implementation Plan 2019-2021 was released. This plan details how initiatives and actions will be rolled out, their timing, funding support and success measures.

Process diagram

Source: NWMP SAC – North West Minerals Province Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Throughout the implementation period we will continue to work closely with the NWMP SAC and local governments to ensure that diversification initiatives remain on track and responsive to any new opportunities that may emerge.

For more information on the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy please email or call 07 4747 3900.

Last updated: Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020