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North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy

The North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy ( 3.7 MB) identifies opportunities across the resources, agriculture, tourism, business and industry sectors to support long-term sustainable growth in North West Queensland.

The Strategy is a key deliverable of A Strategic Blueprint for Queensland’s North West minerals Province.

The Strategy focuses on 13 key initiatives and is structured around 3 key themes:

  • enhanced investment environment
  • strong supply chains
  • sustainable communities.

Delivery of the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy began in 2019 through the Implementation Plan 2019-2021 ( 2.7 MB).

To supercharge delivery, the Queensland Government provided $33.3 million in funding together to support the delivery of:

These strategic plans have facilitated $2.3 billion in investment, and 1700 ongoing jobs for regional Queenslanders and continue to provide guidance for the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy Implementation Plan to 2025 ( 2.4 MB).

Released on 24 November 2022, this plan is supported by an additional $20 million investment over three years to promote the area’s strengths, diversify into new business areas and explore and leverage emerging opportunities in several existing industries.  Queensland Government agencies are also working in partnership with the community to prioritise community development and invest in our future workforce.

Throughout the implementation period the Queensland Government will continue to work closely with the North West Stakeholder Advisory Committee and local governments to ensure initiatives and actions remain on track and responsive to new or emerging opportunities.

For more information on the Strategy, please email North West Queensland Regional Office or telephone (07) 4747 3900.

Last updated: 03 Jun 2024