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About the Blueprint

The North West Minerals Province

Centred around Mount Isa and Cloncurry, the North West Minerals Province is one of the world’s richest mineral-producing regions. The region has delivered significant economic benefits to Queensland for decades.

While fluctuating commodity prices and mining activities have presented challenges for the resources sector, positive economic signs are emerging. These include significant new regional projects and growing global demand for the minerals in this highly prospective region.

The Blueprint

A Strategic Blueprint for Queensland's North West Minerals Province contains a suite of actions to secure the long-term future of the region and its communities. This includes funding of $39 million over four years as part of the 2017–18 State Budget for a range of actions under three strategic priorities.

Strategic Priority 1. Facilitating continued resources sector development

$30.9 million for large-scale geological programs to help identify the next generation of commercial mineral deposits and to support frontier gas exploration. Promoting the region’s potential to investors and facilitating commercial development of smaller projects, including potential common-user infrastructure, will also support resource sector development.

Strategic Priority 2. Diversifying the regional economy and creating employment opportunities

$5.5 million to support the diversification of the regional economy and maximise economic development and job creation opportunities. This includes targeted support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and other young people, and the implementation of the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy .

Strategic Priority 3. Working with businesses and the community to deliver integrated and appropriate services

$2.6 million in funding to improve government and collaborative service delivery, maintain and build community resilience, and engage with regional stakeholders to deliver the Blueprint.

This includes developing a Community Direction Statement for North West Queensland, led by the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy in collaboration with regional stakeholders.

Stay informed

For more information on the Blueprint, please email or telephone (07) 4747 3900.

Last updated: 10 Nov 2021