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A strong and prosperous North West Queensland

Public Consultation

North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy
Implementation Plan 2021-2025 

The Queensland Government is currently developing a four year implementation plan to support the delivery of the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy.

Community, industry and interested parties are requested to contact the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning via email or 4747 3900 to share your ideas to help determine regional priorities and initiatives across the three themes of:

  • Enhanced investment environment
  • Strong supply chain
  • Sustainable communities

The Implementation Plan 2021-2025 will build on the work done through the first two years of the Strategy.

Please view the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy ( 3.7 MB) and the Strategy Implementation Plan 2019-2021 ( 2.7 MB).

  • About the Blueprint

    As one of the world’s richest mineral-producing regions, A Strategic Blueprint for Queensland’s North West Minerals Province is helping secure the long-term future of the region and its communities. The Blueprint is delivering projects that are unlocking jobs and investment opportunities in North West Queensland.

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  • The Strategy

    The North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy was a key deliverable of the Blueprint. The Strategy focuses on 13 key initiatives and is structured around 3 key themes: enhanced investment environment; strong supply chains; and sustainable communities.

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  • Achievements and deliverables

    The Queensland Government has delivered a range of actions through the Blueprint and Strategy Implementation Plan 2019-2021 to further strengthen the North West Queensland region and its communities.

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Last updated: 07 Dec 2021