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Strengthening North West Queensland

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This region encompasses the nine local government areas of Burke, Carpentaria, Cloncurry, Doomadgee, Flinders, McKinlay, Mornington, Mount Isa and Richmond.

North West Queensland region has a total land area of 307,082.2 km2, with an average daily temperature range of 18.6°C to 32.5°C and an average annual rainfall of 573 mm.

The North West Minerals Province is one of the world's most significant base and precious metals producers, while a thriving beef industry is a strong economic stimulator. The north west region is a popular destination for tourists seeking an off-the-beaten-track experience. Tourists can explore world class fossil sites, cultural heritage sites and paddle down the tranquil and picturesque Lawn Hill Gorge.

Our North West Queensland regional office is one of 11 regional offices across Queensland supporting businesses to mature, grow and invest.

Support is facilitated via via one-on-one interactions, information, presentations and workshops (both online and face-to-face).

A number of pre-recorded sessions are also available on how to promote your businesses’ products and services to others.


31,144 (ERP 2021 ABS)


Labour force 16,559 (March quarter 2022)


  • abundant mineral wealth and natural resources
  • thriving pastoral industries
  • a vital transport corridor with easy access to major transport routes
  • established local supply chains
  • proximity to growing Asian markets
  • the world’s largest natural aquifer, the Great Artesian Basin
  • world-class fossil deposits
  • national parks and cultural heritage sites
  • resilient and diverse economy
  • Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site
  • thriving outback experience, tourism industry

Main industries

  • mining and minerals processing
  • agriculture, beef
  • tourism

Key projects

The North West Minerals Province’s pipeline of projects is an initiative of the North West Queensland Economic Diversification Strategy and provides awareness of upcoming employment and business opportunities. Government is partnering with proponents to progress many of these projects to help boost local economies.

Local content activities

We’re committed to providing local businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to participate in government and non-government projects across Queensland.  This is done by delivering a range of activities to help local businesses find project opportunities, compete for work and improve their tendering and supply chain capabilities.

View all upcoming events and opportunities in the region including:

  • workshops
  • mentoring services
  • industry briefings that support businesses at all stages of project supply chains

You can also learn more about the regional manufacturing hubs and support provided to the region.

Further information

Contact our North West Queensland regional office to find out more.

Last updated: 21 Nov 2022