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Our priorities

What our priorities are

The department reviews its strategic plan annually. This sets out our priorities, which are drawn from the ministerial charter letter.

Our purpose statement is ‘To think ahead and act now to secure responsible economic development, safe workplaces and liveable communities’. This is reflected in our strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan ( 380.4 KB) guides our annual operational planning and program of work.

Performance reporting

We are committed to accountable and transparent governance and to continuous performance improvement. We report on our performance against our strategic objectives to grow confidence in government service delivery.

  • Annual report: provides information about the department, how it is governed and its activities, performance and future direction, as well as its financial performance.
  • Regulator Performance Framework performance report: provides information about how the regulatory activities performed by the department impact business, particularly small business
  • Reporting against the Service Delivery measures set out in the annual Queensland budget’s Service Delivery Statements.

Last updated: 01 May 2024