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Our finances

What we spend

Every year Queensland Treasury prepares a budget for the state of Queensland in which it allocates funds to each department. This is done by consulting with the department about its program of work and the expected outcomes for Queensland.

A detailed summary of the department's financial and non-financial information for the budget year, including portfolio budgets, achievements, highlights, outputs, staffing, administered items and income statements is included in the State Budget.

How we spend it

The Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019, issued under the Financial Accountability Act 2009, provides a framework for the department to develop and implement systems, practices and controls for efficient, effective and economic financial and performance management.

For the purposes of administering good practice financial management within the department, we maintain a Financial Management Practice Manual, which details the department's financial and administrative services.

Each year the department prepares a financial report in accordance with the Financial Accountability Act 2009 requirements. This is published in the annual report.

Funding and grants

The department is responsible for administering a number of funding and grants programs.

Visit Queensland Government — Grants, or call Smart Service Queensland on 13 QGOV (13 74 68)* for information on funding and grants for all Queensland Government departments.


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Last updated: 26 Apr 2023