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Government procurement

The Queensland Procurement Policy contains the broader rules under which procurement is conducted by all government agencies. Each agency then has its own more detailed purchasing procedures, which sets out how their officers will buy goods and services.

Further general information about procurement is available from the Queensland Government website.

Please contact us for more information on our policies and procedures.

Tenders and contracts

The department publishes details of all awarded contracts and standing offer arrangements of $10,000 and over on the Queensland Contract's Directory.

Details for tendering opportunities with the department are also available from the Queensland Government website.

Queensland Charter for Local Content

Queensland Government procurements can deliver genuine opportunities for local businesses.

The Queensland Charter for Local Content aims to provide all businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunities to tender for Queensland Government procurements.

The Queensland Charter for Local Content (PDF, 67 KB) and Agency Guidelines (PDF, 747 KB) are designed to support government agencies to incorporate the principles of the charter into their procurement processes and procedures. Additionally, the Queensland Charter for Local Content Tenderer’s Guidelines (PDF, 155 KB) has been designed to assist managing contractors delivering projects for the Queensland Government that fall within the charter.

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Last updated: 17 Aug 2022