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Business partner expectations

Our purpose is to think ahead and act now to secure responsible economic development, safe workplaces and livable communities for all Queenslanders. As public servants we are committed to doing this with the highest ethical, professional and service standards. We ask those we do business with, including commercial partners and suppliers and their contractors and sub-contractors, to help us to uphold the ethical standards expected and required of us as public servants.

What you can expect from us

We value enduring relationships:

  • We value you and respect your effort, expertise and perspective.
  • We seek to understand your objectives, needs and timeframes and consider how government policy and decisions affect you.
  • We focus on outcomes and work with you to achieve shared benefits, goals and opportunities and to deliver on our commitments.

We act with integrity:

  • We uphold the principles and corresponding values and standards in the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service: integrity and impartiality, promoting the public good, commitment to the system of government and accountability and transparency.
  • We manage your information with care and in line with relevant privacy and confidentiality laws and frameworks.

We provide service excellence:

  • We are straightforward in our communication so that you understand what to expect from us.
  • We collaborate internally and across government to provide you a coordinated and high-quality experience.
  • We are honest, fair and respectful in our engagement.

We strive for success:

  • We are committed to improving our services and welcome your feedback.
  • We respond to you quickly, maintain transparency and keep you informed.

What we expect from you

  • Comply with any relevant Queensland Government frameworks, policies, procedures and contracts relevant to the work you are doing.
  • Avoid giving gifts or benefits to employees that affect, could affect, or be perceived to affect, them doing their jobs impartially.
  • Declare actual, perceived or potential conflicts of interest as soon as such matters arise.
  • Prevent the unauthorised disclosure of confidential departmental information and protect the State’s intellectual property.
  • Prevent the unauthorised access, use and disclosure of personal information and protect the privacy of individuals.
  • Do not make any public comment or statement that would lead anyone to believe that they are representing the department or government or expressing its views or policies, wherever it is reasonable that comments or statements will become known to the public.
  • Do not make any media or other public announcements or releases relating to your work with government without prior written approval.
  • Do not offer our employees private employment which conflicts with their public duties.
  • Be aware that if you employ former Queensland Government senior staff or engage them as lobbyists we will not be able to have business meetings with them or allow them to lobby us on matters with which they had official dealings until their quarantine period has expired.
  • Report any conduct or matter where you suspect fraud, corruption or wrongdoing involving our employees, department or related entities.
  • If you are providing public services on behalf of the department, you are considered a functional public entity and must respect, protect and promote the human rights of individuals, required under the under the Human Rights Act 2019.

Last updated: 05 Jun 2024