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The Yhurri Gurri Framework

The Yhurri Gurri framework ( 7.4 MB) details our commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. It draws together the department’s vision, purpose and specific initiatives to increase the participation and contribution of First Nations communities and peoples to Queensland’s dynamic economic environment.

Yhurri Gurri means come this way, welcome friend (Wakka Wakka [Burnett River]). The phrase – and this plan – is an invitation for the department, its staff and our stakeholders to work to make a meaningful difference.

The framework outlines the department’s ongoing commitment to grow First Nations participation in its everyday business with initiatives that support First Nations communities, businesses and peoples across Queensland. The department’s commitment to the framework will foster a workplace of choice for First Nations peoples.

First Nations peoples bring a rich cultural diversity to Queensland’s economic landscape. That knowledge will frame the delivery of our policies and programs to make us stronger economic leaders and service providers.

We all have a role to play to help ensure the state’s economic prosperity is expansive and inclusive. This framework is one part of that.

Supporting the framework is the Yhurri Gurri Participation Plan ( 566.8 KB). This aligns to the framework's initiatives and acts as the department’s Reframing the Relationship Plan, with eight components of Reframing the Relationship as set out in the Public Sector Act 2022 incorporated as actions within the Participation Plan.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2024