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Surat Basin Infrastructure Corridor State Development Area

Declared in November 2011, the Surat Basin Infrastructure Corridor State Development Area (SDA) is a 214-kilometre rail corridor between the towns of Wandoan and Banana.

It will accommodate the proposed Surat Basin Rail - often referred to as the 'Southern Missing Link' - which will connect the existing Western Railway and Moura Railway systems.

The rail corridor will support the development of new mines in the Surat Basin by enabling the transport of coal via the rail network to the Port of Gladstone for export.

The route was chosen following an analysis of a range of geographic, social, cultural,  environmental and engineering design criteria.

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Further information

For further information on the Surat Basin Infrastructure Corridor SDA, contact the Office of the Coordinator-General on 1800 001 048 or via

Last updated: 05 Nov 2021