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Bromelton State Development Area

The Bromelton State Development Area (SDA) promotes economic development by providing for the growing demand for greenfield land in South East Queensland which is suitable for medium to large scale industrial activities of regional, State and national significance.

With access to the standard gauge rail network along the Sydney - Brisbane rail corridor, the SDA is an ideal location for industries, such as freight and logistics operations, to access intrastate and interstate markets.

Declared in 2008 and totalling approximately 15,610 hectares, the Bromelton SDA is located within the Scenic Rim Regional Council area, approximately 6 kilometres west of the Beaudesert township and 75 kilometres south of Brisbane.

The Bromelton SDA is open for business

The Bromelton SDA is the ideal location for high impact, difficult-to-locate and rail dependent industries.

The SDA is divided into six land use precincts and one sub-precinct ensuring high impact, difficult-to-locate and rail dependent industries are appropriately located and buffered by other industrial and rural land uses.

Industries already established in the Bromelton SDA include:

  • SCT Logistics - a $30 million intermodal rail freight facility and warehouses on land situated adjacent to the Sydney-Brisbane rail line
  • GELITA Australia Pty Ltd. The Australian plant of the GELITA Group manufactures gelatine which is sold as edible gelatine for food industry uses
  • A.J. Bush and Son's (Manufactures) Pty Ltd. Established in 1993, A.J. Bush & Sons are recognised internationally as a leading rendering industry producing protein meal and tallow. The company utilises on site clean energy practices by recycling methane content biogas captured from covered anaerobic lagoons to generate electricity for power and recycles wastewater for irrigation on their substantial landholdings
  • Beaudesert Central Waste Management Facility, a waste transfer station operated by the Scenic Rim Regional Council
  • Bromelton Quarry, a hard rock quarry established in 2000 which supplies blue rock to the regional area
  • The Neilsen Group quarry supplying general quarry and gravel products to the regional area
  • Quickcell Technology Products Pty Ltd, concrete manufacturers established in 1993 producing prestressed and precast concrete products.

Approximately 1800 hectares of the Bromelton SDA is anticipated to be developed for industrial uses. Industries considered suitable for the Bromelton SDA include:

  • large-lot industrial uses requiring direct access to the national standard-gauge rail network
  • freight and logistics operations (major intermodal freight terminal)
  • medium- and large-scale manufacturing and warehousing activities with road and/or rail requirements
  • industry support services, freight and logistics/transport servicing depots
  • high-impact and difficult-to-locate industries that require separation from non-industrial uses due to the potential for off-site impacts (in the Special Industry Precinct).

Benefits of the Bromelton SDA

The Bromelton SDA provides many benefits to business and industry seeking to invest in Queensland including:

  • encouraging the establishment of industrial activities of regional, state and national significance and supporting infrastructure
  • providing an opportunity for regionally significant bulk freight and logistics operations
  • connections to other states and territories and areas of Queensland through the national standard-gauge rail network
  • greater planning and development certainty for project proponents
  • fast-tracked economic development through efficient processing of applications and requests
  • protection for existing and future industrial uses by ensuring industrial areas will not be encroached upon by incompatible and sensitive land uses
  • access to a skilled workforce in the Beaudesert and southern Brisbane areas.

Managed by the Coordinator-General, the Bromelton SDA supports economic development in a way that considers environmental, cultural and social issues as well as existing industry and surrounding infrastructure within the region.

A.J Bush & SonsThe establishment of the Bromelton State Development Area has meant we have room to grow and can plan to do so with confidence, as we will not be encroached upon by non-compatible development. The state development area opens the door for future manufacturing projects, further investment and employment within this Bromelton Industrial precinct. This will then create more opportunity for service industries and skilled trades training.

David Kassulke, A.J. Bush & Sons


  • The Bromelton State Development Area Development Scheme (PDF icon 877 KB) is a regulatory document that controls planning and development within the Bromelton SDA. The current version was approved by the Governor in Council in December 2017.

    The development scheme contains a development assessment framework for making, assessing and deciding applications and requests relating to development within the Bromelton SDA. The most common is an SDA application for a material change of use (MCU).

    The Coordinator-General assesses and decides all MCU SDA applications and requests within the Bromelton SDA. The Scenic Rim Regional Council is responsible for assessing and deciding other assessable development such as reconfiguring a lot and operational works.

    The development scheme is supported by a public consultation policy (PDF icon 65 KB) that provides information on matters the Coordinator-General may consider when determining whether public consultation of an SDA application is required.

  • The Bromelton SDA regulation map (PDF icon 1.9 MB) defines the boundary of the declared Bromelton SDA.

    The Bromelton SDA development precinct map (PDF icon 643 KB) forms part of the development scheme and identifies the precincts within the Bromelton SDA.

    Industry precincts within the Bromelton SDA account for approximately 1800 hectares and include land designated for:

    • rail dependent industry
    • medium to high-impact industry
    • special industry.

    Other precincts within the Bromelton SDA provide for:

    • a Bromelton local service centre to accommodate limited retail and commercial activities
    • transition from rural activities to higher impact industrial activities and separation between industrial activities and sensitive receptors
    • low-impact rural and agricultural activities that are compatible with nearby more intensive industrial development and does not adversely impact sensitive uses outside the SDA.
  • The Bromelton SDA Development Scheme was amended in December 2017. Changes made to the development scheme for the Bromelton SDA include:

    • template and format changes
    • updated development precincts to reflect existing approved development and provide greater certainty to prospective proponents and the community
    • clearer assessment processes for SDA applications
    • revised assessment criteria to provide greater clarity on the requirements for new development in the Bromelton SDA.

    The previous version of the development scheme is available below:

  • Delivery of infrastructure

    Delivery of critical infrastructure within the Bromelton SDA will support future development and economic growth. This includes a trunk water main and the Beaudesert Town Centre Bypass. This infrastructure provides opportunities to build on the momentum of current development activities by major landowners in the SDA.

    Stage 1 trunk water main for Bromelton SDA

    Construction is complete on a $6.5 million joint funded project between the state government, Scenic Rim Regional Council and Queensland Urban Utilities to supply and install a 6.1 kilometres trunk water main connecting the Beaudesert Water Treatment Plant to the Bromelton SDA. This has enabled the provision of reticulated water supply to industry precincts in the Bromelton SDA.

    Funding of close to $3.3 million was approved through the Building our Regions Regional Infrastructure fund to contribute to Stage 1 of the trunk water main.

    This community infrastructure is critical to industry looking to establish within the Bromelton SDA.

    Mount Lindesay Highway - Beaudesert Town Centre Bypass

    In April 2015, the Queensland Government announced funding for the design and construction of the Beaudesert Town Centre Bypass to divert heavy vehicles around the town centre.

    Construction is now complete on this bypass, providing a dedicated route to service the increasing freight demand in the Bromelton SDA through improved access to the Mount Lindsay Highway.

    The Department of Transport and Main Roads partnered with Scenic Rim Regional Council to deliver the $27.5 million Beaudesert Town Centre Bypass.

    View more information about the bypass and its significance to the locality.

    Economic development

    State Infrastructure Plan

    The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP), released in March 2016, contains two parts – with Part A (Strategy) updated every five years and Part B (Program) updated annually. The SIP outlines the Queensland Government’s approach to planning, investment and delivery of infrastructure in Queensland, particularly in areas of high growth, future economic development or strategic importance such as SDAs.

    The State Infrastructure Plan also references the Australian Infrastructure Plan (released on 17 February 2016) and the associated Infrastructure Priority List. Of relevance to the future development and economic growth for the Bromelton SDA is the Inland Rail (Melbourne to Brisbane via inland NSW) project, identified as a priority Queensland project to be coordinated by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (Australian Government). The inland rail will connect on the northern extremity of the Bromelton SDA to provide a rail freight corridor connecting south east Queensland to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth with competitive flow on benefits for freight and logistic operations situated in the Bromelton SDA.

    Case management support

    The department plays an important role to help strengthen and support economic development of Queensland's regions including the Bromelton SDA.

    The department provides case management services to assist with the delivery of eligible projects in the Bromelton SDA. These services include: project facilitation, connections with key stakeholders and negotiations across all levels of government.

    $30 million freight terminal for Bromelton SDA

    The first train to pull into the new SCT Logistics (Specialised Container Transport) intermodal rail freight facility in the Bromelton SDA made its arrival on 23 January 2017. The 46-carriage interstate train was laden with grocery lines, beverages and timber products heading for the shelves of major Queensland supermarkets and retail outlets.

    SCT Logistics is a national, multi-modal transport and logistics company operating rail and road haulage. It is strategically located on a 130-hectare site at Beaudesert – Boonah Road, Bromelton and adjoins the National standard gauge rail line between Brisbane and Sydney.

    The Coordinator-General approved SCT Logistics proposal for a material change of use for High Impact Industry (intermodal rail freight facility and warehouses). The approval for the intermodal rail freight facility includes a main transit warehouse, a supporting office, rail sidings and a hardstand area. The new facility provides up to 75 local jobs with further employment opportunities to be created as SCT Logistics moves into the next phase of operations.

    The $30 million intermodal rail freight facility supports the strategic vision for the Bromelton SDA to maximise the utilisation of the rail network by providing for multi modal freight transport interchanges and facilities.

    Through the National Stronger Regions Fund, the Federal Government granted $9.6 million to assist SCT Logistics to relocate from their current operations site at Acacia Ridge to the Bromelton SDA.

  • Within the Bromelton SDA there are a number of large, privately owned landholdings with existing industrial activities and other landholdings suitable for development for industrial uses.

    Major landholders with development intentions within the Bromelton SDA include:

    • Mirvac Projects Pty Ltd - the first stage of the Bromelton Nucleus Transmodal Hub is to establish a master planned intermodal freight centre on land south of the Beaudesert-Boonah Road and adjacent to the Sydney-Brisbane rail line
    • Australian Rail Track Corporation – intend to plan and develop an 850 hectare intermodal logistics hub or 'inland port'.

    At this stage, there are no plans for the Coordinator-General to acquire land within the Bromelton SDA.

    For more information on landholdings and future development potential contact the Office of the Coordinator-General on 1800 001 048 or via

Further information

For further information on the Bromelton SDA contact the Office of the Coordinator-General on 1800 001 048 or via

Last updated: 21 Nov 2023