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Inclusion and diversity

We believe we are our best when our workforce is as diverse, talented and passionate as the communities in which we live and operate, and where our people feel included, valued and connected. We consider ourselves a culturally capable employer with an inclusive culture and with a program of work to improve our workforce diversity and to continue to build cultural awareness. We are particularly focused on:

  • improving Indigenous participation and engaging with Indigenous businesses
  • providing safe, supported and authentic workplaces for our LGBTIQ+ employees
  • continuing to embed human rights into every aspect of organisational culture and policy
  • increasing self-reporting against diversity characteristics so we can better understand our employees and ensure we reflect our Queensland communities
  • providing employment pathways for graduates and young people, particular for Indigenous people.

As well as a program of work articulated in our Workforce Plan, we have articulated our commitments and plans of action in the following documents.

Disability service plan

The Queensland Government is building an inclusive Queensland where every person, including the one in five Queenslanders who have a disability, can thrive and reach their full potential as equal citizens.

All Abilities Queensland: opportunities for all is the State Disability Plan for 2017–2020. It builds on progress already made and guides how Queenslanders can work in partnership with Commonwealth and local governments, the corporate sector, non-government and community organisations, communities and individuals, to provide opportunities for all.

Our departmental Disability Service Plan ( 392.7 KB) complements the State Disability Plan and outlines our commitment to diversity and respect for individuals. *** This plan is in the process of being updated for our new department following the 2020/2021 government department restructures.***

Multicultural action plan

Our story, our future is the Queensland Government’s multicultural policy promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united community for Queensland. The policy focuses on three priorities for culturally diverse communities and Queensland as a whole:

  • achieving culturally responsive government
  • supporting inclusive, harmonious and united communities
  • improving economic opportunities.

It is being implemented through three-yearly Multicultural Action Plans*:

*These plans are in the process of being updated and consolidated for our new department following the 2020/2021 government department restructures.

Progress reports

Former Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning

Indigenous Participation Plan

We are committed to growing our cultural capability and building our capacity to better engage with Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples, key organisations and communities.

These plans are currently being updated and consolidated.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2023