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Apply for a career with us

Thank you for your interest in joining the department.

This page will help you understand more about our department, the recruitment and selection process, and how to prepare your application.

Preparing your application

It is important to us that applicants can be at their best and can display their strengths. We want to know about you and find the best fit for our role. All the details about the role can be found in the role profile, including what is required for us to assess the best suited for the role.

When applying for a role with us please supply the following information so the panel can assess your suitability:

  1. a current resume (3-4 pages recommended) including: strengths and achievements relevant to the role and how you can contribute to our workforce diversity.
  2. a brief one-page statement outlining why you are best suited for this role.

Adjustments to support inclusive recruitment

Everyone has the right to equitable access to employment opportunities. We are committed to working with applicants to discuss adjustments to our recruitment, assessment and selection processes, to ensure you are able to best demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Adjustments may include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time: If you require additional time to complete assessments or interviews due to a disability or any other condition, we can arrange for reasonable time extensions to accommodate your needs.
  • Alternative assessment methods: If the assessment methods pose barriers to your participation, we will consider alternative assessment methods or formats that will assess your skills and qualifications effectively.
  • Flexible interview arrangements: We can organise flexible interview arrangements, including offering virtual interviews to accommodate your accessibility requirements.

We offer adjustments to the workplace and will work closely with you to identify and implement appropriate adjustments that align with your specific needs. If you are the best suited for the role, we will continue to support you with reasonable adjustments in the workplace throughout your state shaping career.

To discuss or request adjustments, please contact the contact officer listed on the role profile at the earliest opportunity. We will work closely with you to identify and implement appropriate adjustments that align with your specific needs.

Writing a successful application

Some key things that will help your application stand out from the rest:

  • tell us more about yourself when addressing the ‘looking for’ in the role profile – just a resume isn’t enough.
  • think about what we are looking for – for example, we want to understand your personal motivation, but also how it connects to our purpose.
  • structure your examples – what was the situation? what task/activity did it require of you? what action did you take? what was the result and what did you learn for next time (remember – we have a crack, learn and repeat!)
  • don’t ignore the responsibilities and identified strengths in the role profile – aligning your response and examples to these will help us understand who you are, what you’ve done and how it all fits with what we need.
  • We encourage you to let us know in your application why you are the best suited person for this role––noting, our department values equity and diversity so please include information that will help us understand how you could contribute to our workforce diversity

We take a strengths-based approach to working with our people. Workplace strengths are a combination of competencies and knowledge-based skills (functional expertise) and traits (behavioural).

Submitting your application

Complete the online application through SmartJobs by the closing date listed on the role profile.

Applications will remain current for a period of 12 months and may be considered for other vacancies (identical or similar) which may include alternative employment options.

Late applications

Requests for late applications should be made to the contact officer listed on the role profile and may be granted at their discretion.

Hand-delivered applications will not be accepted.

If you are unable to submit your application online, or have difficulties, or have been given approval by the contact officer on the role profile to send a late application, please contact the SmartJobs and Careers Applications Processing Team on (07) 3021 5465 or (07) 3021 5450, between 9 am to 5 pm weekdays.

Withdrawing applications

You can withdraw your application by either removing the application in or by contacting the contact officer listed on the role profile.

Technical support

If you experience any technical difficulties when accessing please contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68). If you do not have internet access and are unable to submit your application online, please contact the Queensland Shared Services Customer Support Team via phone on 1300 146 370, between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, for alternative arrangements.

Recruitment and selection


It may take up to two weeks for the panel to meet, review applications and shortlist applicants.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview. Interview panels may include up to three members. Selection techniques could include interviews, work samples, online assessments, scenarios or presentations. You will be advised beforehand what you can expect. Should you require any adjustments to participate in this process please the panel.

Selection considerations

We select successful applicants based on who is best suited for the role – our considerations include evidence from previous employment, ability for future contributions and our obligations and commitment to equity and diversity in the department.

A probationary period of 3 months applies to external non-executive contract appointees unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Referee checks

You will be asked to provide the name of two referees. Your referee should have recent knowledge about your current work history. Referee checks will be undertaken to verify the information provided by you throughout the recruitment process. This may be in relation to your capabilities and/or to gather further information in relation to your work behaviour and work performance.

Referees must supply an honest account of an applicant’s performance and workplace conduct relevant to the role.

The selection panel will only contact referees with your prior consent. It is also a good idea to let your referees know that you are applying for a position, and they are aware they are nominated as your referees beforehand. If adverse information is received about you from a referee that could exclude you from further consideration for this role, the selection panel will give you the opportunity to respond to that information before making a final determination about your suitability.

Pre-employment screening


To be eligible to legally work in Australia you need to be either an Australian citizen, permanent resident, a New Zealand citizen, or hold a valid visa with permission to work in Australia.

Employment Suitability checks

Criminal history checks  will be undertaken on preferred applicant(s). Applicants being considered for appointment will be asked to supply written consent for the criminal history check and proof of identity. If we receive information that may exclude you from further consideration, you will be given an opportunity to respond, and your response will be considered in the evaluation process.

Executive-level requirements

Criminal history and other due diligence checks will be undertaken on the preferred applicant(s).

Applicants for executive roles must undertake a broader employment screening process, including not being found guilty of official misconduct under the Crime and Corruption Act 2001.

Within one month of being appointed as a new senior executive you must disclose all conflict of interests held by you and/ or your partner and/ or dependents about which you have knowledge and that may have a bearing or perceived to have a bearing on your ability to discharge the duties of public office duties properly and impartially.

Required disclosures

Serious disciplinary action

All successful applicants must disclose any previous serious disciplinary action taken against them in the Queensland Public Sector including but not limited to terminations. Any relevant disclosures are then considered as part of deciding a recommended applicant’s suitability.

Lobbyist disclosure

Within one month of starting employment, the successful applicant must disclose any employment as a lobbyist undertaken in the preceding two years.

Re-employment following an Early Retirement, Redundancy, Retrenchment, Severance Benefit and Voluntary Medical Retirement

You must advise if you’ve previously accepted an early retirement or redundancy package, have received a retrenchment benefit or contract termination payment or voluntary medical retirement from the Queensland public sector. If you re-commence employment within the applicable period, you may have to repay part of any benefit.

Your privacy


All hiring managers and panel members have an obligation to protect and safeguard confidential, sensitive, and proprietary information to prevent unauthorised disclosure of departmental information during employment and after ceasing employment.

Access to your personal information

Information provided by you is subject to the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Information Privacy Act 2009. Your personal information will not be disclosed unless there is a requirement under legislation or with your consent (e.g pre-employment checks).

Can’t find an answer to your question?

Please reach out to the contact officer listed on the role profile.

Find a vacancy?

Vacancies are advertised on the Queensland Government SmartJobs and Careers website.

Last updated: 20 Feb 2024