Project overview*

EIS status Approved with conditions
Description Expansion of the existing New Acland open-cut coal mine to up to 7.5 Mtpa.
Proponent New Acland Coal Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of New Hope Corporation Limited
Location/s 35 km north-west of Toowoomba. Map
Local government/s Toowoomba Regional Council
Investment $896 million
Key features
  • development of parts of the Manning Vale and Willeroo resource areas
  • upgrades to existing coal handling and preparation plant and supporting infrastructure
  • relocation of the Jondaryan rail load-out facility approximately eight kilometres away from the town of Jondaryan and creation of a rail spur
  • roadworks, water management structures, and relocation and potential upgrade of power supply.
  • 260 (construction peak)
  • 435 (operational peak)

* Project information supplied by proponent and subject to change.

Project revised

The original terms of reference (TOR) for the project's EIS were finalised in October 2007 and New Acland Coal submitted the original EIS to the Coordinator-General in November 2009.

However, in response to concerns raised in March 2012 by the incoming Queensland Government about the project's potential impacts, the proponent revised the project, including reducing its scope.

New Acland Coal also proposed to move the existing Jondaryan rail coal load-out facility onto the mine site. An eight-kilometre rail spur would connect the facility to the existing rail line.

Due to the revisions, the Coordinator-General's environmental impact assessment of the project recommenced. New TOR for an EIS were finalised in March 2013, following public consultation.

On 9 November 2012 the then Commonwealth Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities confirmed it had accepted the revised project proposal.

Project changes

Since the publication of the Coordinator-General's report on the EIS, the proponent has applied for changes to the New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 project.

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Environmental impact statement (EIS) process

Date Activity
11 December 2018 The Coordinator-General stated a new lapse date for the Coordinator-General’s EIS evaluation report of 19 December 2020.
18 January 2017 Commonwealth Minister for the Environment's approval of 'controlled action' subject to conditions following re-consideration of project under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.
19 December 2014 Coordinator-General’s report on final EIS (PDF icon 4.13 MB) released.

Final information provided by proponent Oct-Dec 2014.
1 September 2014 to
29 September 2014
Additional information to EIS and EIS released for public and advisory agency review and submission.
18 January 2014 to
3 March 2014
New draft EIS public consultation
22 March 2013 New terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 447 KB) released
1 December 2012 to
4 February 2013
New draft terms of reference for EIS public consultation.
14 November 2012 Confirmation by state government that, due to revisions to the project, including reductions to its scope, the EIS process would restart at the draft terms of reference for EIS stage.

Read the revised project overview (PDF icon 2.14 MB)
9 November 2012 Revisions to project proposal accepted by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.
14 November 2009 to
3 February 2010
Original EIS public consultation
24 October 2007 Original terms of reference for EIS (PDF icon 575 KB) released.
21 July 2007 to
20 August 2007
Original draft terms of reference for EIS public consultation.
24 May 2007 Project deemed a controlled action by Commonwealth Minister for the Environment. More information
18 May 2007 Gazettal of 'coordinated project' declaration (PDF icon 176 KB)
24 April 2007 Application, including initial advice statement (PDF icon 483 KB), submitted.
23 April 2007 Project referred to Commonwealth Minister for the Environment.

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EIS process

In May 2007 the Coordinator-General declared the project a 'coordinated project' under section 26 of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (Qld).

The Commonwealth Minister for the Environment has determined that the project (EPBC 2007/3423) is likely to have a significant impact upon matters of national environmental significance, and will require approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cwlth) (EPBC Act) before it can proceed.

The relevant matters of national environmental significance under Part 3 of the EPBC Act are listed threatened species and communities (sections 18 and 18A) and water resources (sections 24D and 24E).

The Minister will rely on the outcomes of the Coordinator-General's impact assessment process, including any public submissions, in making a decision.

Separate EIS for water pipeline

The construction of a water pipeline from the Wetalla Wastewater Reclamation Facility in Toowoomba to the mine (one component of the project) was expedited by the proponent, in accordance with provisions of Part 4 of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 in place at the time.

These Act provisions allowed proponents to prepare a separate environmental impact statement (EIS) that addressed the terms of reference relating to a particular component of a project.

The Coordinator-General recommended construction of the Wetalla Water Pipeline proceed, subject to conditions and recommendations.

The Coordinator-General completed his evaluation of the rest of the project on 19 December 2014.

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