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Enhance and grow: Expanding industry’s footprint and creating new jobs

We’re driving the development of Queensland’s new and emerging priority industries with programs that support sovereign capabilities, commercialisation of research and capital growth.

Industry Partnership Program

The Industry Partnership Program will invest $350 million over four years to grow our priority industry sectors.

Resource Recovery

The $40 million Queensland Recycling Modernisation Fund is investing in recycling infrastructure to help build processing capacity and markets for recycled products.

Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund

The $4.5 billion Queensland Renewable Energy and Hydrogen Jobs Fund allows energy government-owned corporations to increase ownership of commercial renewable energy and hydrogen projects, as well as supporting infrastructure, including in partnership with the private sector.


We established the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund to drive investment and accelerate development of hydrogen projects in Queensland.

Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund

The Backing Queensland Business Investment Fund has been established to provide direct investment into Queensland businesses and create more Queensland-based jobs.

Building Acceleration Fund

The Building Acceleration Fund was established to accelerate economic recovery through investing in infrastructure that unlocks development, generates construction activity and creates long-term employment.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2022