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Hydrogen industry development

Hydrogen is a clean, renewable fuel that can be used in transport, power supply and a range of industrial processes. It’s already key for a range of industries that provide vital inputs into a range of manufacturing processes and our mining and agricultural sectors.

Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of sources including renewables such as solar, wind and biomass.

Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy

We’re supporting the development of a sustainable hydrogen industry in Queensland. To help do this, we’ve released the Queensland Hydrogen Industry Strategy 2019-2024 (PDF icon 3.4 MB).

The strategy focuses on:

  • supporting innovation
  • facilitating private sector investment
  • ensuring an effective policy framework
  • building community awareness and confidence
  • facilitating skills development for new technology.

Queensland Hydrogen Industry Development Fund

As part of the strategy, we’ve established a $15 million industry development fund to support hydrogen projects in Queensland.

Expressions of interest for round one are closed.

A further $10 million has been announced towards hydrogen industry development activities.

Hydrogen development for planning scheme drafting

Queensland Treasury has prepared guidance for local governments to help ensure local planning schemes are drafted to appropriately support a sustainable hydrogen industry in Queensland.

Local governments play an effective role supporting the growth of the hydrogen industry in Queensland as well as the National Hydrogen Strategy.

Queensland Hydrogen Projects

This interactive map provides information about renewable hydrogen projects in Queensland. A range of other projects are still confidential, and the mapper will be regularly updated as projects become public.

Queensland Hydrogen Investor Toolkit

As part of the strategy, the government committed to ‘Prepare an investor toolkit to assist private sector proponents with information on developing projects in Queensland’. The Queensland Hydrogen Investor Toolkit (PDF icon 2.6 MB) has been prepared to assist investors with project planning for hydrogen developments in Queensland. The toolkit includes useful contacts to assist with your project and will be regularly updated as new information is gathered from practical experience with facilitating renewable hydrogen projects in Queensland.

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Last updated: Thursday, Oct 29, 2020