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Our partners and staying informed

As a plan that defines the future of The Spit, created by the community for the community, stay in touch with what is happening and who we are partnering with to bring the master plan to life.

Gold Coast Waterways Authority

The Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA) has been involved with the development of The Spit Master Plan since the beginning. With the Implementation of The Spit Master Plan Act 2020, GCWA is now legislated to deliver a range of projects under the master plan. As a trusted local voice, GCWA will also deliver the ongoing community engagement throughout the plan’s implementation.

Register online with GCWA to stay informed on the delivery of the plan including local community infrastructure projects and other key milestones.

The City of Gold Coast

The City of Gold Coast Council has also been involved in the development of The Spit Master Plan since the first announcement in 2017.

The Queensland Government is working with council to deliver amendments to the Gold Coast City Plan to ensure the undeveloped state-owned land releases are appropriately zoned in line with the master plan and given an appropriate assessment pathway. Any development on The Spit will have a maximum building height of three storeys and 15 metres.

The Council is also contributing to the plan through a range of activities including a $34 million upgrade of the road network leading to The Spit. Visit council’s website for more information on this project.

Last updated: 29 Mar 2022