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Infrastructure Australia

Infrastructure Australia is the nation’s independent infrastructure advisor, established under Australian Government legislation. It provides research and advice to governments, industry and the community on the infrastructure investments and reforms that will benefit all Australians.

Infrastructure Australia released the Australian Infrastructure Plan on 2 September 2021, which provides Australia’s infrastructure sector with a 15 year roadmap to drive economic growth, maintain and enhance our standard of living and improve the resilience and sustainability of our essential infrastructure. across the key sectors od energy, transport, telecommunications, water, waste and social infrastructure sectors

We lead Queensland's engagement with Infrastructure Australia, including on the Australian Infrastructure Audit and Plan. The Department is also an active member of the national Infrastructure Bodies Network, chaired by Infrastructure Australia, which provides an avenue for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Through this engagement, the Department is an active participant across the national and regional network of infrastructure bodies contributing to the knowledge base and infrastructure agenda at a national level.

Infrastructure Priority List

Infrastructure Australia plays an important role in prioritising nationally important infrastructure through preparation of the Infrastructure Priority List. This list of nationally significant investments is made up of:

  • Initiatives: early-stage proposals that have the potential to address a nationally significant problem or opportunity
  • Projects: advanced proposals for which a fully developed business case has been positively assessed by the independent Infrastructure Australia Board.

The list is a collaborative ‘live’ document that is updated as proposals move through the stages of development to delivery. It considers data and findings from the 2021 Australian Infrastructure Plan, and submissions from state and territory governments, industry and the community.

The Infrastructure Priority List provides a clearly defined pipeline of investment-ready proposals. Therefore, projects move off the Infrastructure Priority List as construction begins, when all major construction contracts have been awarded, or when a project receives Australian Government funding.

View the current Infrastructure Priority List.

We continue to work with Infrastructure Australia and the Australian Government to progress Queensland’s infrastructure priorities and ensure important initiatives and projects are included on the list.

Last updated: 15 Jul 2022