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Cross River Rail project changes

Since the publication of the Coordinator-General's report on the EIS in 2012, the proponent has applied for various changes to the Cross River Rail project.

The current project-wide conditions and recommendations, general arrangement and property impact drawings are listed below, followed by the full details of each project change.

Current project-wide conditions and recommendations

Cross River Rail: project-wide imposed conditions and recommendations

This document stipulates the environmental criteria the project must achieve during construction, commission and operation. Amendments to the document are made from time to time to incorporate any changes to project wide conditions or recommendations evaluated and approved by a Coordinator-General Change Report.

The document was last updated on 9 June 2021 to reflect approved changes to imposed condition 1 detailed in Change Report No.10. Details of all previous requests for project changes (including amendments to conditions and recommendations) are provided within Coordinator-General Change Reports available below.

Project change application 11 – Clapham Yard, Moorooka

Currently Project change application and submissions being assessed by the Coordinator-General.
10 May 2021 to 4 June 2021

Public consultation of project change application.

Volume 1 – Request for project change 11 application (PDF icon 1.8 MB)

Volume 2 – Cross River Rail Design Drawings:

Amended drawings:

*Please note, all other plans and drawings are unchanged and located above at ‘Current general arrangement and property impact drawings’.

Volume 3 – Technical Reports (PDF icon 26.1 MB)

23 April 2021 Proponent’s request for project change application submitted.

Completed project changes

The following project changes have been approved. Click on each of the changes to view the full details.

Last updated: Thursday, Jun 10, 2021