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RABs can use their funding for a wide range of projects and activities.

Proposed projects are assessed on how the project meets the following funding objectives:

  • support Queensland Government priorities
  • deliver regional economic outcomes
  • grow regional investment and economic development opportunities
  • support regional employment and skills opportunities
  • foster greater regional economic coordination and capability.

To date, funding has been used for a range of initiatives, including developing tourism products, investment, attracting and retaining regional business and improving industry services.

Current projects with funding support

Torres Cape Indigenous Council Alliance

  • Implementing the Cape, Torres and Gulf Opportunities Plan

Gulf Savannah Development

  • Gulf Academy

Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone

  • Overlanders Way TV series study

South West Regional Economic Development

  • SWRED Investment Prospectus – Sustaining our Region for a Productive Future Previous projects

Previous projects

Torres Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance

  • Cape and Torres Opportunities Plan

Cape York Sustainable Futures

  • Destination Cape York – building a tourism industry future
  • An enterprising tourism future for Cape York Peninsula
  • A journey of discovery – overland telegraph drive tourism experiences
  • Growing ecotourism on Cape York
  • Business and economic opportunities for Cape York Peninsula communities

Gulf Savannah Development

  • Gulf Savannah Farm-Station Stay Manual
  • Gulf Savannah Regional Branding Strategy
  • Feasibility Study: Protected Food Cropping in the Gulf
  • Doomadgee 4G – Feasibility Study to Optimise 4G services in Doomadgee
  • Enhancing digital resilience and digital capability in the Gulf
  • Lower Gulf marine (and Riverine) Infrastructure and Economic Development Project
  • Developing the Gulf – raising tourism enterprise capability and providing regional leadership in tourism development
  • Gilbert River infrastructure investment profile
  • Regional investment and migration project – three stages
  • Gilbert River irrigation area crop trials
  • Gulf Savannah skills survey

Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone

  • North Queensland Cotton Gin Assessment and Feasibility Study
  • North West Queensland Biomass Project
  • Energy Past, Present & Future – Hughenden Power House Redevelopment Concept
  • Assess alternatives to SWER lines at McKinlay Shire, consider renewables
  • Commercial and industrial transport and logistics facility for regional NWQ
  • Work to establish Stage 1 Cloncurry bio-fuels and waste treatment precinct
  • Develop new outback Queensland tourism routes
  • Assessment of possible solutions for Mt Isa/Cloncurry water security
  • Regional promotion and participation in Regional Queensland showcase
  • Overlanders Way tourism education
  • Investigate potential investment opportunities in North West Queensland
  • Cloncurry bulk load-out facility master plan
  • Flinders River agricultural precinct
  • White Mountain National Park northern access
  • 50 Year Plan – port, rail and transport (Mount Isa to Townsville)
  • Implementation of North West regional plan outcomes to grow Western Queensland
  • Flinders River agricultural forum and industry field day
  • North West Queensland strategic development study

Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board

  • CWQ Tourism Data Model Implementation
  • Outback Jobs website
  • Investment prospectus website
  • Central West Queensland tourism data collection and analysis
  • Digital strategy implementation South West Regional Economic Development
  • Mobile coverage assessment
  • Far West Queensland tourism development action plan implementation
  • Participation in Regional Queensland showcase
  • ICT blueprint for regionally coordinated infrastructure across the Central West
  • Digital evolution stage 2 – NBN attraction and digital awareness
  • Central West Queensland tourism development action plan implementation

South West Regional Economic Development

  • Training, Employment and Product Development Initiatives for South West Queensland
  • Supplying premium meat products from outback Queensland
  • South West Queensland Tourism Industry Development Program
  • The Cooper Basin and South West resources sector supply chain capability development
  • Our product, growing our industry - tourism on the Natural Sciences Loop
  • Regional Queensland Showcase presentation - SWRED 2015
  • Economic Investment Potential of the Kangaroo Industry in Queensland project
  • Revitalising the Western Rail line project
  • Maximising the tourism opportunity for “The home of the natural sciences” in South West Queensland
  • Natural Sciences Loop Stage II: interactive web portal and other digital technology to promote tourism
  • South West Queensland digital communication and conferencing facilities project
  • South West Queensland livestock transportation, “Which track road or rail” project
  • Natural Sciences Loop Stage III: strategy development and improvements to the Natural Sciences Loop and greater tourism products

Last updated: Thursday, Aug 12, 2021