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RABs can use their funding for a wide range of projects and activities.

Proposed projects are assessed on how the project meets the following funding objectives:

  • support Queensland Government priorities
  • deliver regional economic outcomes
  • grow regional investment and economic development opportunities
  • support regional employment and skills opportunities
  • foster greater regional economic coordination and capability.

To date, funding has been used for a range of initiatives, including developing tourism products, investment, attracting and retaining regional business and improving industry services.

Previous projects

Gulf Savannah Development and and Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone

  • Indigenous and Regional Tourism Pipeline of Projects Investment Report

Torres Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance

  • Progressing Indigenous tourism development in the Cape, Torres and Gulf region
  • Implementing the Cape, Torres and Gulf Opportunities Plan
  • Cape and Torres Opportunities Plan

Cape York Sustainable Futures

  • Destination Cape York – building a tourism industry future
  • An enterprising tourism future for Cape York Peninsula
  • A journey of discovery – overland telegraph drive tourism experiences
  • Growing ecotourism on Cape York
  • Business and economic opportunities for Cape York Peninsula communities

Gulf Savannah Development

  • Regional Electricity and Energy Supply Proposal and Gregory Options Analysis
  • Gulf Academy
  • Gulf Savannah Farm-Station Stay Manual
  • Gulf Savannah Regional Branding Strategy
  • Feasibility Study: Protected Food Cropping in the Gulf
  • Doomadgee 4G – Feasibility Study to Optimise 4G services in Doomadgee
  • Enhancing digital resilience and digital capability in the Gulf
  • Lower Gulf marine (and Riverine) Infrastructure and Economic Development Project
  • Developing the Gulf – raising tourism enterprise capability and providing regional leadership in tourism development
  • Gilbert River infrastructure investment profile
  • Regional investment and migration project – three stages
  • Gilbert River irrigation area crop trials
  • Gulf Savannah skills survey

Mount Isa to Townsville Economic Development Zone

  • Energy Audit and Carbon Emissions Strategy
  • Overlanders Way TV series study
  • North Queensland Cotton Gin Assessment and Feasibility Study
  • North West Queensland Biomass Project
  • Energy Past, Present & Future – Hughenden Power House Redevelopment Concept
  • Assess alternatives to SWER lines at McKinlay Shire, consider renewables
  • Commercial and industrial transport and logistics facility for regional NWQ
  • Work to establish Stage 1 Cloncurry bio-fuels and waste treatment precinct
  • Develop new outback Queensland tourism routes
  • Assessment of possible solutions for Mt Isa/Cloncurry water security
  • Regional promotion and participation in Regional Queensland showcase
  • Overlanders Way tourism education
  • Investigate potential investment opportunities in North West Queensland
  • Cloncurry bulk load-out facility master plan
  • Flinders River agricultural precinct
  • White Mountain National Park northern access
  • 50 Year Plan – port, rail and transport (Mount Isa to Townsville)
  • Implementation of North West regional plan outcomes to grow Western Queensland
  • Flinders River agricultural forum and industry field day
  • North West Queensland strategic development study

Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board

  • CWQ Brewing co
  • Water for Economic Development in Central West Queensland Study
  • Develop new content for the FarOut attraction and retention campaign
  • CWQ Tourism Data Model Implementation
  • Outback Jobs website
  • Investment prospectus website
  • Central West Queensland tourism data collection and analysis
  • Digital strategy implementation South West Regional Economic Development
  • Mobile coverage assessment
  • Far West Queensland tourism development action plan implementation
  • Participation in Regional Queensland showcase
  • ICT blueprint for regionally coordinated infrastructure across the Central West
  • Digital evolution stage 2 – NBN attraction and digital awareness
  • Central West Queensland tourism development action plan implementation

South West Regional Economic Development

  • Building capacity and growth opportunities for the South West Queensland Outback Tourism industry
  • Promoting the ‘Boundless’ Opportunities in South West Queensland, including in the Olympic and Paralympic context
  • ‘Be Our Guest’ – positioning SWQ as the premier Outback events Destination
  • SWRED Investment Prospectus – Sustaining our Region for a Productive Future Previous projects
  • Training, Employment and Product Development Initiatives for South West Queensland
  • Supplying premium meat products from outback Queensland
  • South West Queensland Tourism Industry Development Program
  • The Cooper Basin and South West resources sector supply chain capability development
  • Our product, growing our industry - tourism on the Natural Sciences Loop
  • Regional Queensland Showcase presentation - SWRED 2015
  • Economic Investment Potential of the Kangaroo Industry in Queensland project
  • Revitalising the Western Rail line project
  • Maximising the tourism opportunity for ‘The home of the natural sciences’ in South West Queensland
  • Natural Sciences Loop Stage II: interactive web portal and other digital technology to promote tourism
  • South West Queensland digital communication and conferencing facilities project
  • South West Queensland livestock transportation, ‘Which track road or rail’ project
  • Natural Sciences Loop Stage III: strategy development and improvements to the Natural Sciences Loop and greater tourism products

Last updated: 21 Dec 2023