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Frequently asked questions

  • The SEQ City Deal is a commitment by the Australian Government, Queensland Government and the Council of Mayors SEQ, to plan and deliver enhanced investment for the South East Queensland region.

    By 2041, the region is anticipated to grow to over 5.4 million residents and the SEQ City Deal is intended to provide a foundation for co-ordination and collaboration between the three levels of government.

  • The SEQ City Deal will deliver a significant package of investments with a value of around $1.8 billion to one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

  • The SEQ City Deal is a priority for the Queensland Government given its potential to stimulate economic growth across the region. The state has committed $618.8 million to the Deal.

  • Our focus is on a City Deal that supports SEQ to be one region that is connected locally and competing globally. We want to make sure people can move around SEQ easily, both physically and digitally.

    We want to use the City Deal to unleash the potential of South East Queensland including having more jobs in the global economy. The more successful we are on the global stage, the more we can contribute towards the Australian economy, which means we all benefit.

    Deal commitments will focus on achieving and delivering outcomes including:

    • Developing a more export-competitive and knowledge-intensive region to deliver high-value employment opportunities
    • Delivering a more connected region that will drive productivity, reduce congestion and lift global competitiveness
    • Delivering a healthy, sustainable and liveable region through new investments in urban amenities and blue and green environmental assets
    • Creating more prosperous communities by investing in and planning for future infrastructure, providing better access to jobs and improving housing options.
  • The SEQ City Deal Partners will deliver a significant and diverse package of investments. For example, Deal Partners will co-invest $450 million to build a new Brisbane Metro station at Woolloongabba. It will catalyse city-shaping urban renewal and provide enhanced transport connectivity to the Gabba, home of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and surrounding suburbs.

    Other significant projects include $285.8 million for the Liveability Fund, which will deliver improved community facilities, support environmental infrastructure and enhance open space and $105 million to progress the region towards a circular economy.

  • The SEQ City Deal document is the agreement between the Deal Partners (the Australian Government, Queensland Government and Council of Mayors (SEQ)) to commit to proceed with the SEQ City Deal.  The Implementation Plan provides further detail on each of the commitments, including when they will be delivered, who will be responsible, the funding allocated and the milestones towards delivery. The finalisation of the Implementation Plan will allow the majority of projects to progress initial milestones.

  • Deal Partners recognise the important role the private sector will play in delivering the SEQ City Deal. There will be numerous opportunities for the private sector to be involved. An Industry Reference Group has been established to provide a forum for business, research and community leaders to guide the implementation of the Deal. While the $150 million Innovation Economy Fund will see the Australian and Queensland Governments partner with local councils and the private sector to invest in capital projects that promote and grow the region’s innovation economy.

  • While they are separate initiatives, the City Deal commitments will complement the delivery of the 2032 Games. For example, the City Deal $450 million investment in the Brisbane Metro Woolloongabba Station will be an integral piece of infrastructure that will support the movement of people during the Games. The Games will provide a once-in-a-generation opportunity to showcase to the world the region’s transition to a connected, sustainable and innovative place.

  • Deal Partners will agree on and publish monitoring and evaluation metrics. These metrics will consider the Deal’s impact on housing, jobs and skills, transport, connectivity, and liveability.

Last updated: 14 Jul 2023