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Biofutures refers to the industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector. This sector focuses on developing and manufacturing products from sustainable organic or waste resources, rather than fossil fuels. It encompasses a range of innovative scientific and industrial technologies designed to convert sustainable feedstocks or waste into bioproducts.

Agriculture, plantation forestry, algae, green-waste, biosolids and other carbon-rich 'waste' streams are sources of feedstocks that could contribute to a wide range of sustainable chemicals, fuels, detergents and textiles.

Bioproducts offer a renewable and environmentally beneficial alternative to conventional chemical and fossil fuel refining processes. Many of the potential feedstocks are the by-products of agricultural processes or waste products that would otherwise require disposal or combustion.

Our vision is for a $1 billion sustainable and export-oriented industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector, attracting significant international investment and creating regional, high-value and knowledge-intensive jobs.

The Queensland Government is leading Australia's bio-economic revolution through the Advance Queensland Biofutures 10-Year Roadmap and Action Plan ( 1.2 MB).

The Biofutures Roadmap provides the leadership required to help Queensland leverage its strategic advantages and secure its share of the global bioproducts and services market – a market expected to be worth US$1.1 trillion by 2022.

We're working in partnership with Queensland's world-leading agriculture and waste industries and the research sector to ensure the actions we're undertaking in our Biofutures program grow the state's emerging industrial biotechnology and bioproducts sector into a $1 billion industry by 2026.

Future Foods

Future foods is about applying innovative biotechnology to create, manufacture and export appealing new food products and ingredients that are nutritious and sustainable.

The Queensland Government is supporting the investigation and growth of the Future Foods industry.

Industry Partnership Program

Over four years, the Industry Partnership Program will invest $350 million to continue to grow and create jobs across a number of priority industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, hydrogen, biofutures, biomedical, defence, aerospace, space, resource recovery and METS.

Through the program, we’ll work together with business, industry and research institutions to tailor flexible incentives that facilitate cross-sectoral opportunities, unlocking growth in multiple industries or supply chains, and have a broad impact on the economy.

Find out more about the Industry Partnerships Program.

Market capability analysis and assessment

Queensland Biomass Data and Mapping

Looking for the latest information on biomass feedstock for your project in Queensland?

Data on forestry, cropping, urban waste, intensive livestock, food processing and horticulture is available through our Queensland biomass data and mapping dashboard.

Strategic Biofutures Advisor

Mr Chris Tindal was appointed as Queensland’s inaugural Strategic Biofutures Advisor in July 2018. He provides a direct connection between the Queensland Government and key global and domestic stakeholders with a view to helping cement business relationships and projects for Queensland.

Biofutures Industry Envoy

Professor Ian O'Hara was appointed as Queensland's inaugural Biofutures Industry Envoy in December 2016, spearheading the industry's drive into the Asia-Pacific.

Key initiatives

The Waste to Biofutures Fund provided $5 million in 2019 to support the development of waste to biofutures projects in Queensland. It provided targeted grants for pilot and demonstration or commercially scalable projects in Queensland that use conventional waste streams or biomass to produce bioenergy, biofuels and high-value bioproducts.

Biofutures Industry Development Fund, a repayable fund to help well-advanced industrial biotech proponents to get large-scale projects through the final stage of financial due diligence to secure financing from investors.

A Biofutures Commercialisation Program to attract national or international bioindustrial expertise to partner with Queensland researchers and/or businesses to scale-up and prototype new or improved industrial biotech and processes at the pilot or demonstration scale in Queensland.

A Biofutures Acceleration Program to attract and support the development of new biorefinery projects in Queensland.

Biofutures Queensland, a dedicated unit in the Queensland Government that works across government, industry and the research sectors to drive development, investment and R&D in Queensland's industrial biotech and bioproducts sector.

R&D capability and contacts guide

To help maximise the potential for new biofutures research collaboration and investment opportunities in Queensland, the government has produced a bioindustrial R&D contacts and capability guide for Queensland universities. The guide aims to showcase our state's capabilities to national and international biofutures proponents.

Read more and access the full list from the Advance Queensland website.

Queensland biofuels mandates

The Queensland biofuel mandates are a step towards growing our biofuels and wider industrial biotech and bioproducts industry. The mandates will provide certainty so the industry can invest, innovate and create jobs as part of a cleaner, greener future for Queensland. A flourishing biofuels industry will also create the foundation for a new high value biomanufacturing industry.

Check if your vehicle is E10 compatible and learn more about the Queensland biofuel mandates.

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Last updated: 09 Nov 2021