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Revised draft EIS or IAR

After considering the draft EIS/IAR and submissions made on the draft EIS/IAR, the Coordinator-General may ask the project proponent to provide additional information. The additional information may be included within, or attached to, the draft EIS/IAR.  It is submitted to the Coordinator-General as a 'revised draft EIS' or 'revised draft IAR'.

What is additional information?

A revised draft EIS/IAR could include:

  • corrections, clarification and further information to that provided in the draft EIS or IAR - as requested in state government advisory agency and public submissions
  • results from additional studies requested by advisory agencies or the Coordinator-General
  • a description of any changes or refinements to the project proposed by the proponent since the draft EIS/IAR was released.

Public consultation

The Coordinator-General may decide to release the revised draft EIS/IAR for public comment – similar to that which occurred for the draft EIS/IAR. For example, public comment may be required when the additional information is considered to be substantial or there are refinements to the project since the release of the draft EIS/IAR.

Advisory agency input

Regardless of whether public consultation occurs, advisory agencies are invited to:

  • comment on the adequacy of the additional information in addressing matters raised in their submissions on the draft EIS/IAR
  • recommend conditions for the Coordinator-General's consideration in preparing his report on the EIS/IAR.

Last updated: 07 Dec 2021