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Cost recovery fees apply to projects the Coordinator-General declares 'coordinated' under section 26 of the State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971 (SDPWO Act), and to changes to projects that have been subject to a Coordinator-General's evaluation report.

These are 'upfront fees' payable prior to particular stages of the environmental impact statement (EIS) and impact assessment report (IAR) processes.

Fee arrangements are detailed in the State Development and Public Works Organisation Regulation 2020. An explanation of the current fee system is provided in overview of fees ( 162.0 KB).

Annual adjustment of fees

Adjustments under the new fee schedule will occur on 1 July each year to reflect movements in the Consumer Price Index over the previous March-to-March 12-month period.

Additional costs

In addition to the above fees, proponents may be required to pay the costs associated with:

  • public notifications during the relevant stages of the EIS or IAR processes
  • independent studies or reports the Coordinator-General commissions to examine a specific aspect of a project.

Last updated: 30 Jun 2023